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Are LA Fitness Rims Low?

Are LA Fitness Rims Low?

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  1. I knew it

  2. Daniel The Derpy Potato

    Omg you guys tape measures are 2 inches shorter for example I'm 4'7 and the tape measure says I'm 4'5

  3. My LA fitness has a higher rim lmaoo why am I so unlucky

  4. amazing video..i tried to measure at the ymca,,,but needed another person probably + somethng to stand on

  5. I’m 13 and 5’7 so 😂

  6. LaMarDaKing4Life 0

    What about LeBron James Jr???

  7. Damn three inches is a pretty good bit. Enough to be noticeable I'd think. It's always easy to tell which rim is lower at a park.

  8. Philip Hernandez

    I jump out the gym at la fitness

  9. An inch or two makes no difference when these guys are putting their heads over or up to the rim.

  10. Probably installed the 2.5 inches of flooring after the back boards and rims had been installed on the walls. Also explains the .5 inch drop as the floors change over 60 feet for drainage.
    Or the want members to feel good about themselves.

  11. Everyone at my la fitness always fights to play on the side with the lowest rim so they can dunk lol

  12. Mike Love Thyself

    I always wondered why I shoot so well at la fitness

  13. And here I am…thinking that I was so good because I could dunk..little did I know that LA Fitness purposely lowers their rims.

    Might as well be called…

    LA Finesse

  14. I used to play on a 9'9" rim. It's amazing how many more dunks I could do on 9'9" than 10'. And if it's an inch or two above 10', forget about it. No fun.

  15. In Philippines The rim Hight is 12

  16. They recently installed two new rims at my neighborhood park and there is zero way they measured. One of the rims was around 11 feet. The other under 10. There's a slight incline from one hoop to the other and that's where they went wrong.

  17. ASAP Window Tinting

    Ha, I thought I was the only one who noticed. I can throw down reverse 180s at LA fitness, but not at my 24 hour fitness. Makes sense now.

  18. Id say their all 9'10 bc this guy has no idea what hes doing with a tape measure

  19. I'll be playing on the 9'9 inch one best believe. Save myself a little bit of self respect getting closer to dunking lmao

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