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Wilson Box Set review with GolfOnline & Mark Crossfield

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  1. Just wondering how tall you are so I can take the height into consideration

  2. 外国人说中文

    Could you review the Top Flite series?

  3. Where can I buy this in Australia

  4. that hybrid looks so good from address. i want one!

    set seems pretty good but i think the 3 wood is a waste of a club for the level of golfer these are aimed at. 19 deg so fairway would be more suitable.

  5. Where do you live …and how pach was the golf clubs

  6. How tall are you?*

  7. How y’all are you

  8. Great video to watch for a beginner golfer

  9. Thinking of taking the game up and I've been looking for a decent starter set had my eye on this one. my choice is limited as I'm left handed and it's a more natural swing for me. Nice short honest review mind is made up thanks.

  10. Fuck, I love golf.

  11. He just proved if you have a decent swing you can birdie a hole with anything. And he had fun. These sets are around $300. I spent that on a driver last week and still can't hit the damn thing. But I've been playing for years and I'm too prideful to go back to a box set. Guess I believe all the hype golf ads try to sell you. Maybe it's all a lie, after all.

  12. he is using the "RIGHT" hand set right? (sorry for noob question)

  13. Let your new set be your reward for reaching single figures. As soon as I hit 18 ı went and bought an entire nike set from driver to putter. When I get to scratch or + 2  I am gonna go complete Mizuno.  I want some blades that feel like butter;) I hit some the other day and they felt so good I cried when I gave them back to the guy ha ha ha

  14. I so love playing box sets and playing dudes with waaaay more expensive clubs and crushing them. It so deflates them. I beat a dude out of his ping clubs and Scotty putter. I still have my Spalding monitors. It's like hitting balls with a tuning fork but hell, that have made me more money than the Pings I won! Cheers bro!!

  15. I've been playing golf for about 4 years now…. Bought this set (older x31) and IT got me going 🙂 Bought a New, more expencive set this year, not because I needed one, but Just because I wanted one… And I tought it would get my hcp Even lower.. But No, IT made my game worse.. 🙁 They were game improvement clubs, but aimed at a lower hcp than me, so I've been realy strugling. If I had continued with my x31 I think my hcp would have got lower faster than with my New clubs, but seeing all comersials and and all the "fake News" I got convinsed that buying New, expencive clubs was the way to go. IT wasnt 🙁

  16. I think for most people when they start playing this expensive game it would be a very wise choice to buy a cheap box set deal as let's be honest it is very hard game to master taking loads of your time practicing Only to find out you may not really get on with it and lose interest. I started with a £150 box set of mitsushiba clubs around 20 years ago When I was introduced to golf with some colleagues from work, I was hooked on the game dedicating huge amounts of time playing improving slowly upgrading my equipment getting top end clubs over the years. Generally dearer clubs have a far better build quality and look much more appealing than budget ones and will literally knock shots off over night if your fitted correctly!!! I love these vlogs from mark and coach they make me chuckle all the time getting some knowledge/tips in the process. I take golf a lot less seriously these days I have the best fitted equipment now than I ever have had in the past but now it's all about fun and banter with my besties, quality desirable products will always triumph I think. Must disagree with a Rolex tho it is desirable but I'd prefer a Oris or an Omega or a Bremont…..🤣 Thumbs up to the vlogs and reviews, still waiting for the TM P770's review come on mark sort it out…..👊🏻

  17. I would love to see a match between these and a full set of PXG's.

  18. Mark how far off your 262 carry is this driver ?

  19. Box sets are ideal for anyone starting out in the game, or for those who perhaps are retaking the game up after a long lay off, and would like to carry a set with new technology. Cost is a big factor in most peoples cases and these kind of things help kick start the love, and indeed frustration, of the game at a reasonable price.

  20. If you're gonna buy a box set id go with a decent golf manufacturer like wilson or topflight and avoid the ridiculously cheap ones ……a complete set with bag for a $100 buck or less id avoid……spend the extra 60 or 70 bucks……trust me !!!


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