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Skateboarding is a Crime (with Tony Hawk)

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Objection! Witness is grinding the jury box.

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20 comentarios

  1. Fideous Q Railing.

    F.Q Railing

  2. The crime should be that Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 was made

  3. scooters are lame
    motorcycles and motor-powered bikes are cool

  4. If Tony hawk killed all Dinosaurs didn't he do us a favor 😂😂

  5. Hey, that guy kinda looks like Tony Hawk

  6. 2:48 BUT CAN YOU DO DIS???

  7. I'm a ripper but all I saw here was stereotypyes of
    Judeo-Messianics. My mom being one begs the question, what was that all about college humor?

  8. Tony and riley are psychic time traveling bomb dropping lizard people I tell yee!!!👽👽

  9. Tony hawk jus takes one look at that scooter nd morphs into a draconian winged beast nd starts caveman grinding on the judges spine

  10. This is funny when you're drunk lol

  11. You can do some sick scooter tricks

  12. Scooters in a nutshell

  13. OBJECTION!!! Natas Kaupas was one of the first skaters to grind a staircase handrail!!! NOT Tony!!! LoL

  14. The holy bible part reminds me throwing the holy bible hard ten times and i'm not christian and i'm so savage that religious people stare at me

  15. Tony could've said "Jury Nullification"

  16. Why does the lawyer sound like the one from Bee Movie?

  17. Shut up morons skating is awesome and I've only busted my nose 5 times… Stupid Idea stupid mistake


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