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How to Choose Longboard Trucks – Tactics.com

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There are several options to consider when choosing longboard or skateboard trucks. Tactics and Sector 9 downhill team rider Ross Druckrey demonstrates the differences between standard king pin and reverse king pin, and explains how the axle width, bushing seat, baseplate angles, and bushing setups affect the way your longboard setup will perform. With these tips, you’ll be able to determine the right truck configurations for downhill bombing and pre-drifting, freeride stand up sliding, or just pushing around town.

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20 comentarios

  1. What deck is that behind you? The purple red blue green and white one on the very bottom?

  2. Hey, i like Your video, i would like ask you about the quicksilver longboard, are they good? I just bought one and I can’t tell

  3. Jonathan Vaucher

    Awesome ! Very informative vid. Thanks !

  4. Hello I was wondering what the name of the pintail deck in the lower left that has the deer on it?

  5. Its an older video but I currently am going back to downhill, I have a sector 9 – 39.75" with mission 1 tracks (9"), which i will convert into a street luge. My old street luge stayed behind when I moved to a different country. I tried it downhill, but the wobble is severe. how do i improve stability? By changing up the bushings alone will it help? should i get a smaller spacer for trucks so height will drop a bit? also, do you think i should drill new holes to make the trucks closer together? on my luge they were not so far apart. (currently at 2 feet). On the luge they were 20" apart. Any help is appreciated, also, if someone knows were I can get a luge in north amercia please link me up. Not sure it matters but i now live in vancouver.

  6. Where do i find that Tan, White and Blue Land Yachts deck?

  7. When the only thing you messed up buying was Penny board trucks, and you had a longboard.

    ( -_-)

  8. What would be the lowest trucks

  9. Answered my question 👌

  10. Good job! Thanks for the education!

  11. Im spanish and the video for me was kinda hard to understand but great video!! Hahahah

  12. Are the “Compound 9.5 Reverse Matte Black Longboard Truck” good for downhill longboarding?

  13. I want skateboard but my mom says whe dont have money…😓😔😔😔

  14. gullwing sidewinders are so dope for carving

  15. thanks for the Information about Different Types Of Trucks…Now I know what to do with my … Gullwing Reverse Truck Co. For my Longboard…Jacko Pro 2017…I Flipped The Back Truck For my Stable my Downhill and Freeride…

  16. Whats a good brand truck for cruising, carving, and some downhill bombing?(nothing too fast or extreme) Im looking at Randall r3 but i would like to have more options. Thank you!

  17. What trucks would you recommend for a old school Powell setup? (10 inch wide deck)

  18. I'm looking to get a new cruiser deck and use my gullwing sidewinders on it. The trucks are the 10" but the deck I'm looking at is a 9.25 inch wide, 30" long. Would my trucks work with this deck or should I look for smaller trucks?

  19. Is it the same with cruisers?

  20. Night Hawk Gaming

    How tight should my truck base be attached to my board. Plz help (Yes im a noob)


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