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how to choose windsurfing fins

windsurfing and foil tips and tricks.
windsurfing foil tutorials
how to windsurf and foil

on this channel I will show you things about windsurfing and foiling that can help you improve your skills and equipment.

ask me what interests you in the comments and I’ll answer or make a video about it.

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  1. Beyond the World

    Very good video. Keep it coming.
    What happen if I put 32cm freeride fin on 70cm wide board? So, basically smaller fin than what it is supposed to.
    Would it work? Would it help in strong wind?

  2. Good Job nice video

  3. Great tips , really helps👍🏼👍🏼

  4. Enjoyed this video a lot Luka. I like the tip of leaving screws in the board, never seen or heard of that tip before. I noticed you have a variety of fin brands , Chopper, Carpenter, and more. Are there some brands that you find better for the bigger sizes or planing and ones that you find better for overpowered top speed and control? Also if a stiffer fin is harder to get planing with but gives you better top speed will a softer smaller fin give you better planing and better top speed because it's smaller,(less area) , or will it be too hard to control because of the softer flex?

  5. When the board is lifting too much, how do you know if it’s because the fin is too soft or too big? Does the soft fin have a lower top speed?

  6. Thank You Luka nice Tips 😉

  7. petar jurčević

    e da mi je razumit sta govoris


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