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8 Realistic ways to cross water without Surf

Bond bridge is Missing! But Red doesn’t have Surf. How will he make it across the water?
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***EASTER EGG HUNT*** There’s a Shiny Magikarp hiding in the video! Can you find it?

Characters and Music by Nintendo/Gamefreak/Fl.Remix/HeatleyBros

Route 101 Remix by Fl Studio:

Outro theme (8 Bit summer) by Heatley Bros:

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  1. David el erizo saiyajin

    2:43 V:

  2. #1 Season 8 cannon boi

  3. Artem Bro Ninja RUS

    Cool! Y love animation..

  4. REALISTIC 100

  5. Never understood why the protagonist couldn’t just swim in the water but some trainers could.

  6. 0:38 “this is fine”😝😝😝

  7. yo, is there a ep. 2 to the revolt coming anytime soon?

  8. Other ideas:

    Steal Team Rocket's hot air balloon

    Have Dugtrio dig a tunnel under you

    Have Alolan Exeggutor walk across carrying you

    Walk across Wailord

    Have Abra teleport you across

    Do a Terminator and walk under the water

    Have Groudon use its Drought to dry up the river

    Ninja walk across the water (Character turns into a ninja boy)

  9. I never really understood why the games never let you just swim. Oh well, Fantastic video!

  10. Why was swimming not part of the game though LOL they just had to make life difficult

  11. HeisenBurg Playz

    red swimming
    me:what kind of sorcery is this

  12. But you can't jump in Pokemon Drowns

  13. Easter Egg @ 1:32

  14. Can y’all subscribe to my channel

  15. Do 8 Realistic ways to go from town to town without using teleport, or fly.

  16. It's been months since you uploaded

  17. Shiny Magikarp @ 1:32 upper right corner

  18. 0:54 pfffahaha I love that reference

  19. The Cartridge Tilter



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