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Retro Arcade: 720° – Part Three, Skate not Die

Retro Arcade: 720° - Part Three, Skate not Die

Third of 3 vids looking at Atari’s 720°, a pioneering arcade game based on skateboarding, in its 25th anniversary this year.

It should be noted that the game is very difficult to play through an emulator with a conventional gamepad, as part one explains. Therefore, these MAME clips are nothing like the brilliance of 720° players on real arcade machines (see the great Jeff Civitate – DrunkJeff1 – at http://www.720zone.com/, for example). However, this trilogy of vids shows the possibilities of running the game through MAME, which was still a lot of fun.

A few cheats were enabled – they seemed more or less necessary to give the game some playability. These were infinite area time, lots of money and unlimited tickets. With the limitations involved, a legitimate hi-score was never a consideration anyway, but it was fun to try for high medal counts from the skate parks.

This video looks at the potential of Skate City when the area timer – and killer bees – are disabled. Also featuring the full range of in-game music.

See: http://www.720zone.com/720-Gameplay.html for more on 720° rules and gameplay.

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  1. Heavy Metal Magnet

    This and T&C surf and skate was a big hit back in the day! We jammed the hell out if this arcade game at the Upland Pipeline skate shop in Upland Ca. Those were the days man! Thank you for the flashback!

  2. Anthony Williams

    i actually have the Midway Arcade collection for ps2 that has this on it 🙂 i actually enjoyed this game

  3. cheats…..wat cheats???

  4. Yeah the game is much more enjoyable without the constant threat of the Skate or Die bees.
    This game is available on the PSX compilation collection and plays pretty well with the dualshock controller.
    You can also use a Gameshark to enable the "Timer Off" cheat.

  5. The joystick is a rotary encoder/potentiometer.  A track-ball is a 2-axes upside-down mouseball.

  6. That'd be a trackball. Guess maybe there was another version, or someone switched out the boards I guess of another machine?

  7. Thanks for posting these videos. Our local arcade got a brand new one of these back in the 80s, I can remember the volume was set so high you could actually smell the 'new arcade machine' smell being pumped out from the top speakers!

  8. i just got the ballys arcade game for xbox 360. has 30 games from 81 to 91 or 93. this, rampage, APB, spy hunter. etc. 20$

  9. F-you bees!

  10. skate semua bodoh

  11. Phukyou Notusingmyrealname

    I remember this game where you roll a ball instead of using an arcade stick.

  12. Great post man… Where can I get this cheat??? This video makes it look fun to play. 😀


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