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Best Disc Golf Shots | 2018 | Part 1

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Sit back and enjoy all these amazing shots from your favorite pro disc golfers in 2018!

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20 comentarios

  1. Ohh, looks like Christmas came early for me. Thanks Santa Jomez!!!

  2. I've never played on a courses like these. Around here, it's basically in the woods with trees everywhere. There are even some holes where there's a tree within a few feet of the Tee…I know cause I've hit them before 😛

  3. Today I played played the game for the 1st time. Fucking cool !

  4. Weakest, beta male “sport” of all time.

  5. How'd I get the F here…

  6. Jomez, the best.

  7. am only here because of Ben Askren

  8. Damn it Ben Askern!

  9. This is drunk frat boy golf…. Fucking stupid

  10. Who's here because of Ben Askren?

  11. Ben.. Ben.. you here?

  12. Who else is here after hearing Disc Golf being mentioned by Ben Askren ?

  13. Ben Askren Brought me here……

  14. Ben Askren brought me here

  15. Daniel Delgado Jr.

    Fear NO chains

  16. GunshineStateKids

    Big sexy, killing it again

  17. what were the name of those songs?

  18. Love these videos. Please keep these coming every year.

  19. Love watching Jomez you guys do a great job!


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