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Tennis – Why A Fifth Set Tiebreak Is The Best Idea Ever (5 EPIC Matches)

After the Isner-Anderson match in this year’s Wimbledon , it became crystal clear that Tennis Needs A 5th Set TIE-BREAK.
Here are 5 EPIC Matches with some of the greatest 5th Set TIE-BREAKS of all time.

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  1. That Agassi / Blake match,,, unreal. I've yet to see a match that had that amount power tennis for both players for all 5 sets. Watching it again I'm still blown away. No one deserved to lose that day.

  2. Many sports have ties. Just leave it a tie at 8-8. I always offer a draw at 6-6 as I am too embarrassed to admit I never learned one of the many tiebreakers, especially in doubles!

  3. Nope, not a good idea. Everyone gets up an arms simply because Isner and Anderson played a 26-24 final set at Wimbledon. If Isner had not saved match points against Bemelmans in the 2nd round, nobody is even talking about this. Matches that go past 10-all are rare. And even rarer for them to happen in the business end of GS events. We can count 5 times that a QF, SF or F went past 10-all. 2003 AO QF El-Aynaoui-Roddick, 2009 Wimbledon final Roddick-Federer, 2015 Wimbledon QF Gasquet-Wawrinka, 2018 Wimbledon QF Anderson-Fed and the SF between Anderson-Isner.

    A tiebreaker is a cheap way to end a match. Get a mini-break, even if you can't break serve, and you can win. Imagine had their been a tiebreaker in the fifth set of the 08 Wimbledon final. Fed was miserable on break points, but raised his level in the TBs and fifth set breaker would have favored him.

  4. Marklion Janecek

    Not a good idea. 🙁
    If so, then let it be like Wimbledon at 12-12. Tie break at 6-6 is too early!!!! I hope they fix it in Australian open by the next year!

  5. Actually it's the worst idea ever u will destroy the game 🙁

  6. That FH at 6:16… Rafa 2015-2016

  7. Thanks a lot. 😄

  8. Tie break sucks. If they want tie break. It only applies on the last set when it hits at 15 games each or something.

  9. Sayantani Bhattacharjee.

    Yeah..hardworking sometimes gets covered up by the last set tie break.. but u have to somehow get the winner..that is the ultimetam..
    And tie break is good somehow in accordance with the servivor power… its like the world is gonna fall apart u have to stay alive… who will not,others can say he was unlucky… well but he who has take the breath out to win surely lucky…yeah…
    I mean,luck favours him who favours himself…..
    Many people can live their life happily and being a king but they fail to do the best at when they r atmost danger…laat set tie-break is like that..u have to play like there is no tomorrow…and who has won the sets they deserves… whoever they are..small or great or famous or not does not matter..
    It is also some kind of tennis criteria… u have to be that good that u can finish it with 3.. or u have to be that hard not to be broken by 5th set..its fair.. u have 2 options given….fail to choose 1st… no problem…

  10. Australian Open is doing a 10 point tie break in the 5th. But interestingly the French Open is sticking to tradition…I wonder why that is.

  11. I think the most amazing thing about this video is seeing that choker-extraordinaire, Verdasco come back from two sets down to win – who'd have thunk it? But anyway, I agree that fifth set tie-breakers are the way forward, let's hope AO and RG follow suit (RG needs to start using hawkeye technology too).

  12. emocionante !

  13. Leonardo Romualdo

    No, it's not. Long 5th set is much better.

  14. AUUTTTTT!!!, last point Aggasi vs Blake

  15. Joe J Herrington

    Thiem vs Nadal was match of the year in my opinion

  16. This means that players with big serves like Isner and Anderson will always win tiebreakers because there serve will get them cheap points

  17. Олжас Маратов

    Safin VS Nalbandian

  18. IMO, I don't think a 5th set tiebreak is a good idea. Tennis is supposed to be about who is more fit, about attrition and passion. It's about who can last the longest, who can outplay their opponent, who had put the most time into their practice sessions. The longer the match goes the more of a mental game it becomes.

    A 5th set-tiebreak nullifies all that.

    I mean, I always found matches that go on for 4, 5, 6 hours exhilarating. Regardless of the quality of the match, how they are able to sustain their energy that long until someone blinks is extraordinary.

    With a 5th set tiebreak, we wouldn't see that amazing point at 10-11 0-30 for example.

  19. Nadal vs Coria Rome 2005. Not a Grand Slam but epic 5 set tibreak


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