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UGA Sailing – 4 Starting Strategies

University of Georgia Sailing Chalk Talk 4: Starting Strategies
Welcome to our new video series! Our growth has been exponential and in efforts to reach as many people as possible on our race team, we’ve moved to virtual chalk talks. Enjoy!

Parking on the Line – 0:16
Shark Start – 2:26
Dip Start – 4:03
Port Tack Start – 5:21

Allison Chenard, Race Team Captain
US Sailing Level III Coach
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  1. Annabelle Chadbourne

    THANKS, I have a regatta this weekend

  2. Excellent presentation! Clear and concise. Simply explained.

  3. Helpful ideas, thanks for posting.

  4. Drausio Morganti

    Very good video!!! congrantulations!!

  5. Hey Allison I really like your videos, you're also funny and relaxed about it all. Cheers from Buenos Aires

  6. I've been crewing on other boats for several seasons now, but this is the first season that I'm now racing my own boat. I have a ton to learn and have fairly old sails but videos like this will certainly help.  Thanks for making them.  Racing a fin keel Chrysler 26 if you're curious.

  7. I know this is sailing video but I'm in love with the eyes.

  8. Excellent description

  9. johannes trissler

    great video for beginners like myself! thank you so much for taking the time to talk us through this, and please continue to post similar videos on regatta tactics

  10. Two years ago, on my Catalina 27, I did a port tack start against a J-30 and a Yamaha 32 during a short course race. All other boats ending up doing 3 tacks to get around the windward mark and I only had to do 2 tacks. The port start put my lay line closer to the windward mark with one less tack required. Was pretty gusty that day (15-20) so I corrected over the entire fleet of 5 boats by using the port tack start. A little different from what you describe but it worked well for me. Thanks for the tactics. I'm sure to use them in the future!

  11. Matthew Lee Studio

    Thanks for this video.  I sail a Thistle Class sailboat, and usually don't race much as the others in my sailing club have more experience….. I will have to try these out.

  12. impressive video! easy to understand for foreigner( I'm Chinese), beautiful coach. please show more racing tips and speak a little slowly, thanks!

  13. great video!  very clear explanations!

  14. Great video, very well explained!


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