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2016 Atlantis Runway Noserider Edition Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

The ultimate longboard/noserider SUP is here. This board will surf like you’re on a performance longboard with the added stability and width of a SUP.

Atlantis have kept a low rocker combined with added nose concave giving you extra lift and flow to maximise your time on the nose. The thickness of this board has been kept to 4″ and with refined rails the “Runway” holds its trim perfectly. The pulled in rounded pin tail is designed for maximum performance allowing you to turn in the more critical sections of the wave face while keeping speed and flow. Single to double concave adds to the flow of the board.

Fins: 4 + 1 configuration allows you to alter your board between a quad and a 2 + 1
Construction: EPS core with 5mm PVC stringer, PVC re-inforcement inserts for handle and fins
Deck: PVC full deck wrap (including rails) 4oz + 4oz + exposed carbon rails
Bottom: bamboo inlay + 4oz + 4oz


Rider: Tim Beban
Edit: Jarrason Bittom

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