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The best way to store you Kayak or Canoe

This is the best way that I have found to store any of my canoes or kayaks. You regain some otherwise useless space in your garage and make sure your paddlecraft is ready for your next adventure!


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  1. Works great! Thanks.

  2. awsome, where did you get those straps?

  3. Great simple cheap idea, thank you!

  4. So I’ve watch what seems like a million videos on canoe hoists and this seems to be the easiest and least expensive. I’m buying a old town Saranac 16 that weighs 90lbs. Do you think this set up will work for that weight? Thanks

  5. Excellent idea, I'm going to do the same, thanks.

  6. Could I use the same 2 straps to attach a kayak to the top of my vehicle?

  7. Krystal Gonzalez

    maybe you can help me with my issue. Im moving soon and i want to take my kayak with me. i want to hoist my kayak under my car port (shared, each apartment has their own but its open)… hopefully that makes sense. This means that anyone can see it. How can i make it so no one can steal it i was thinking of running a chain and lock through the kayak its self through the bouncey holes … i dont know help lol

  8. Wow!! I literally just built this same exact thing like 10 minutes ago for my kayaks!!! Nice…..

  9. Thanks, I used your idea. My Esquif Mistral 16' tandem river canoe is now hanging in the basement from the joists, well out of the way, yet easily accessible. Since I got a fishing kayak I'm not using it as much.

  10. Did you really need to include cleaning the canoe in this video?

  11. You can go to woodprix if you would like to make it yourself guys.

  12. It seems like it might be a little difficult to lower it down as you have to reach up high to release the ratchet strap.

  13. Simple and Efficient.. Thanks for sharing!!

  14. ReclaimedPalletCreations

    I just built a vertical kayak hoist, check the video out on my channel for a tutorial on how and let me know what you think. Thanks!

  15. Perfect. Thanks.

  16. Looks good. I'd like to try it for my canoe. Although mine is quite a bit heavier than yours. What is the spacing you used for the D rings? Length and width. And what size d rings did you use? Also what size straps, width? length?

  17. Thanks, worked very well for me.

  18. Just found this video and I am definitely going to be using this idea for my new kayak. I'm wondering how you get it down? I know how you release the straps but doesn't it drop quickly when you release it?

  19. Thanks. Do you need a ladder to get it down again (can't reach the strap releases)?

  20. Wouldn't it be better if you stored it upside down so you don't get dust inside? Or have you tried it and it does not 'sit' well?


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