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3 Affordable Full Suspension Mountain Bikes Tested | 2018 Pinkbike Field Test

How much bike can you get for under 00? We tested the Transition Scout NX, the Norco Fluid FS 1, and the Whyte G170 S to find out. Read more: https://pinkbike.click/valuebikes

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20 comentarios

  1. Which bike was your favourite? Check out the full article here: https://pinkbike.click/valuebikes

  2. If I spent more than $1000 Canadian on a bike, my wife would leave me😂😒

  3. 1. YT CAPRA AL
    2. CANYON strive al
    3.Yt tues or sender of you are in to the big stuff…

    Edit: If you buy the al versions of this bikes, you will spend 2500 euro.

  4. Since when is a 3k affordable for an average person :D:D FML U guys are mad

  5. “Affordable”

    Affordable is a bike around £650-£1000. Even then it’s a huge investment and I’d only class it as affordable because reputable brands and quality parts last longer.

    The Vitus Nucleus would be a good example of an affordable entry level MTB at under £500 still using quality parts.

    Calling bikes over £2,000 “affordable” is ridiculous and pushes the notion that you need to spend a huge amount of money to get into mountain biking and pushes more people away from the sport.

  6. You can have a DH bike for 2500 to 3000€ !

  7. In which world is $3000 affordable? Are we living on the same planet?

  8. Carbon curious lmao

  9. Great video

  10. Norco just came out with Fluid FS 4, if that isn't basic and affordable, I don't know what is. Apparently you have to go with the top tier model to get into mountain biking.

  11. Affordable??? Bitch where?!

  12. I was drinking red bulls and five hours on a daily! Untill I did the math and I was spending more than 3k a year on energy drinks, so I gave them up and I can buy a 3k bike every year !!! Dont tell my wife lol

  13. Juan Carlos Alpízar

    $3000? Try to cut by half and then we're talking, $2000 is the top of what "affordable" means to me. My FS did cost me $1500 and I can ride pretty much everything I've been through, and you can even go cheaper with a hardtail.

  14. ahahaha zipp bottle cage…. rly?

  15. Omg, nobody forces you to buy this bikes. If u cant afford it stop crying in comments and get better job. Or ride whatever u want but please dont act stupid

  16. pfft i've got a sub 3000$ german direct seller bike with good specs. it's not an entry level bike. just because there's 10K yeti bikes out there… get real. you can get great value if you don't opt for boutique brands that cost more than my car

  17. What's the intro song called

  18. Hey guys I found something called eBay and you guess what you can buy used bikes for less than half the price plus they have been long term tested by some rando

  19. Great vid, like that guy! He seems to be wise in some ways 😎

  20. Its absolutely disheartening to see mtb companies pushing for needless innovation without putting any focus on bringing costs down


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