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Last Pitch of All MLB Perfect Games (no music)

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  1. The 1-0 bottom of the 9th Roy Halladay perfect game was fucking incredible. Brought a tear to my eye watching it

  2. Good lord the White Sox announcer call is awful

  3. The left upright at soldier field

    I am a Cubs fan. I have been to one Sox game ever. It just happened to be the night before Mark Buehrle’s perfect game

  4. To bad Galaraga didn't get mentioned.

  5. I remember when I was in little league and our pitcher pitched a no hitter and what I was just thinking about was the pressure on the entire team, because what if we boot one or something it's horrible if we had done that.

  6. My father had gotten tickets for Hunter’s gem, but he unexpectedly had to work late and we missed it. I see on Wikipedia the attendance was all of 6,298, and the A’s had just moved to Oakland from Kansas City. 50 years later they still don’t draw flies.

  7. That check swing though 🥴

  8. Buehrle’s perfect game will always be the most exciting to me. Just listen to that commentating AND those player reactions?! Fuck yeah

  9. Mark Buehrle and Phil Humber!!!! White Sox!!

  10. Imagine if the fielder made an error or just trolled in the last out. I wonder how everyone would react lmao

  11. 3:24 wtf was that garbage effort

  12. 3:25 he didn’t swing lmao

  13. 2:44 When you finally fuck her

  14. David Cone's was the most electric, with Don Larsen in attendance.

  15. Imagine pitching a perfect game in game 7 of the World Series after being down 3-0. Man… that sounds amazing. Lol you know how much tang you’ll get in that off season? Haha


  17. This video was posted on my birthday…

  18. I had a perfect game once. It was in the t-ball league.

  19. 3:25 He didn't swing but I would have made the same call as the ump. Don't have to mess up a perfect game on an arguable call. And if you're the batter, no need to whine about it like he did. Accept the call. you weren't winning the game anyways. And I mean come on its a perfect gamer, let the guy have his moment. smh.

  20. Is a perfect game the same as a no-hitter?


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