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Munin Sports M-Station Soccer Rebounder

Check out the M-Station soccer rebounder: https://goo.gl/Gp6Sqo
Use Code: “soccermachine” for 20% off

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  1. What the fuck!? Extremely overpriced.

  2. Hey, I'm thinking to buy the M Station but I have a question. How transportable is the M Station, is it easy to carry on and off the field or to put it in your car? That's my only issue before buying the product.

    I hope you get back to me soon, thanks

  3. How do u transport it

  4. Song? Canción?

  5. 750$ heck nah

  6. The possibilities are endless!

  7. You didn't even say what the price is…..

  8. Whats the price mn?

  9. I need this

  10. I'm thinking about doing a fundraiser with friends to buy this product

  11. i'm in love of that

  12. Can you fold it up or make it smaller to bring it places by hand

  13. CeejaySoccerVlogs

    Sorry to mess with you,although, can you check out my channel and give a shout out or so?

  14. What about mobility?

  15. You should try to get a sponsorship with them. I wouldn't mind a discount code😊


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