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Golf Lessons – Stop hitting the ground before the ball

Golf Lessons with Derek Hooper – Many players have trouble making solid contact with their fairway shots. Too often the club will contact the ground before it contacts the golf ball compromising shot distance and flight control. In this video I explain some of the more common reasons for this shot, as well as a progression of drills that will have you hitting the ball solid every time. http://www.derekhoopergolf.com/
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  1. Very good stuff. My kid has learned so much on the LAG, and improved a lot since using your "baseball move" drill. Come and check it out. Very excited and Thanks!

  2. Hi, thanks for the tip. Is it the same with hybrids and woods?

  3. best video i've seen on this problem. thanks!

  4. "Stop hitting the ground before the ball"…no no no you got it wrong, it should be "Stop hitting the big ball before the small ball"

  5. Then you have Phil M who hits his approach shots fat deliberately, as do I. If you don't believe me, check out his videos on Youtube, Phil will tell you how to do it. He's not the only top tour player that hits their approach shots deliberately fat. I'd say the majority do.

  6. Derek,
    Thanks for the drill, I will give this a try. One question I have is whether a fat shot can also be attributed to a attack angle that is too far inside or too shallow. My takeaway plane seems fine but I often hit irons fat or, worse, on the heel and hosel. Is this also a symptom of the weight staying back or can the fat/heel shots come from a swing approach that is way too far inside? If so, what's going on and how to I address that? Thank you!

  7. Great simple straightforward lesson shall practice it , thanks.

  8. i love dis!

  9. Another video of a talking and not a doer…

  10. over thinking. hit the front of the ball. you really can't but if you look at the front rather than behind the ball you are giving yourself the diameter of the ball 1.68 inches more room for error. a side effect is since your club face will be squarer longer, you will hit the ball straighter

  11. Thanks but how do you prevent hitting the ground when hitting 3 woods and 5 woods. You don't usually take a divot like you would with a 7 iron. I find that the woods are much longer clubs and I hit them more inconsistently….usually if I do not stay tall as I swing….I have also tried to choke down to make better contact. Any other ideas ? Thanks.

  12. I watch a lot of youtube golfers and lesson videos. Over the course of just a few of your videos, my understanding of the mechanics of my swing have increased a lot. I appreciate you taking the time to make and post these videos.

  13. Found your video as I'm having problems with hitting the ground before the ball and you make it very clear how to adjust it. Thanks

  14. Thanks for the video

  15. Good video. Thanks.

  16. Mike & Kirsten Cox

    I just started golfing and everything goes right. any tips?

  17. Thanks for the insightful and concise video! Been having this problem. Looking forward to trying these tips out at the range tomorrow! Please keep these videos coming! – C, Singapore

  18. Great video

  19. > "You might even add a couple of yards…"?

    If you do not add a couple of yards to your shots go back to sweeping or picking because the goal isn't to make a divot it's to maximize distance.

  20. Great advise Derek, thanks for the video


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