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How To Ride A Razor Ripstick Caster Board Skateboard

Here is how to ride a Razor Ripstick Caster Board 2-wheeled skateboard. My son made this video on Christmas after getting the Razor Ripstick Caster Board as a present. It didn’t come with instructions, but we figured it out. It is tricky to learn, but he managed to figure it out. Getting started rolling is the hardest part. To get rolling on the Razor Ripstick Caster Board Skateboard, make sure the board is facing forward, put your non-dominant foot on the front of the board and get it balanced upright. Next, push off with your dominant foot to get the Ripstick rolling, and then put that foot on the back of the board. To steer, use your back foot to press down on the side of the board on one side or the other, which twists the spring in the middle of the board and changes the direction you’re traveling. The Razor Ripstick is fun to ride. It isn’t as fast or practical as a skateboard, but it’s fun to play with.

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  1. When you followed him the camera seemed so stable what camera/phone were you using?


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  4. Why u shakin ur shoulder so much tho

  5. Khamil tahe

  6. Professional American

    nice video

  7. what are you talking about you start on the back, how do you keep balance with your none dominant foot

  8. Me and my cousin like to ride rip sticks and once u learn its really easy

  9. But I’m goofy so I ride with my dominant foward

  10. He did not teach me anything i had to learn it myself the hard way

  11. Lmao only watching this cuz I’m doing it in school AND I DONT WANNA SEEM LIKE A FRICKIN LOSER I ALREADY AM

  12. Thank you my bro

  13. Rahul jain {ranu}

    I would try once

  14. Firat of all, the better way for most ppl is to put or dominant foot on the FRONT and put ur non dominant in back. With ur non dominant foot, Push forward few steps,get ur back foot on the board and nake an S shape while moving. Or wiggle ur back foot

  15. Leave a like if you can still do it in 2018

  16. "put your dominant foot on back" not everyone does that..

  17. Hey please make the video on . How to do stunt this skateboard

  18. Super radical kid

  19. TechnologyGamerツ

    little did these kids know in 2018 there was something invented called FORTNITE

  20. TheEarthIsn'tFlatPleaseStopIt

    All this time I thought it was a deliberate scam to humiliate Americans. Mind focking blown that you can actually make it do something besides fall off.


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