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Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine – On Court

Spinfire Pro 2 Tennis Ball Machine - On Court

Watch the Spinfire Pro 2 ball machine go through it’s range of functions on court.

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  1. How much?

  2. Sadhana Narendar

    I have a lobsters machine.The running cost is high …balls will loose the top coat fast..the positives are your strokes will become very consistent ..the player in the video should move closer to the base line and take it on the rise.If you can keep such balls deep then you will start playing tournaments with ease.

  3. This kid sucks balls. He hit 90% of the balls out the fence.

  4. Love the Eaglemont

  5. If he was really good he would hit the balls so they bounced back into the machine's hopper.

  6. Where can I buy this machine?

  7. Where can I get one? I found some very expensive, I like this one

  8. Nice! I am getting one

  9. I have used Spinfire Pro for over a year now. It performs very well, has been reliable. Had a bit of an issue with the remote, which Spinfire quickly replaced. Overall, very happy with it. It is somewhat bulky and heavy, but they all are. I use a mix of pressureless balls and heavy duty Propenns. I am sure pressureless last longer, but they are hard and could be uncomfortable. I would rather buy a new batch of heavy duty balls once a year. Good product, competitively priced, good service support!

  10. Which ball are you using? Thanks

  11. Hello
    What is the minimum speed do you need to clear the net? Thanks.

  12. Random mode would be awesome

  13. Hope you have stopped spin your racquet between shots!! Bad habit.

  14. I invite you to see my youtube chanel where you could see how to improve your tennis practicing with a tennis ball machine https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG79bqUpsZL7kaX910IvK0A

  15. Addison Phillips

    This is great for practice.

  16. what is the setting for smashing ? I could not work it out, thank you

  17. Guy in the black shorts needs to learn how to split step.

  18. Gotta work on that forehand.

  19. does it do all those things randomly?

  20. Flat feet. Volleying way too close to the net.


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