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A basketball team can't intentionally score on itself, but it can do this

In the NBA, there’s no reason to try and shoot at your own basket (unless you’re attempting to complete a shameless triple double). But EuroLeague rules use point differential as a tiebreaker, and that can lead to some truly weird situations.

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Sobre admin

20 comentarios

  1. Yet in the thumbnail they show a soccer player…

  2. Chicken McClucken


  3. that white guy is the definition of soy boy

  4. Point differential in basketball seems stupid. Works best in football, but not in basketball.

  5. Sounds like something Jews would do.

  6. Gets black person to talk about basketball

  7. General Grievous

    This is exactly like that soccer vid

  8. I bought a lollipop that was up someones ass

    Why are turkey and israel in the euroleague they are part of the middle east

  9. Day9 into basketball now eh?

  10. Ok, if you need to create a no scoring on your own goal rule for this situation but intentionally let a situation like this happen there's something wrong with your rule book.

  11. TCL92: gaming & vlogs

    I would pass it to my teammate over the basketball hoop, but make it in

  12. Damn. S/O Jordan Farmar

  13. Jackin threes

  14. What a mess of a video. Holy cow. Lol

  15. Youtube University

    Maybe the differential system is the real issue.

  16. They need to get a life

  17. Christopher Kirstein

    The euro point system is so stypid and thats why the NBA rules so players dont have to do this bullshit

  18. Andrija Dinulovic

    I am thinking about this now, and I think I found a way to do it. You could foul the opposing team and then intentionally make a goaltending violation on their free throw attempts. If they try to miss so badly that you have no chance of getting to the ball and doing this, you could just enter the paint before their shot, so if they miss, they retake it (the rules of FIBA) and if they make it (or you goaltend) the point counts.

  19. I am literally so confused


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