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Catch More Bass From A Kayak w/ These Tips

Nowadays, kayak fishing is becoming increasingly popular all over the world,  due to its vast benefits over the conventional boats mounted with motors. For bass fishing beginners, kayak fishing is very nature-friendly as it doesn’t cause noise and air pollution. Are you experienced in kayaking and fishing, but poor in kayak fishing? Do you have a problem in moving through small waterways due to a large and loud boat? Here are some kayaks fishing tips from Lojo Fishing that you need to know.

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  1. You're the man lojo!!!

  2. Bro you need one of your sponsors to hook you up with a kayak… enjoy your videos👍

  3. Delete if not allowed.

    My father in law started his own business and made kayak fishing stringers. Just trying to get his small business out there, link is https://yakline.us

    Please check it out!

  4. Fishing. That's just all I've got.

  5. “Check out my Cadillac down there” lmaaoooo


  7. Thnx for the tips dawg

  8. Alligators and the pillon on an MTB video. lol That's why we love you Lojo.

  9. Good tips from Lojo! As an almost exclusive kayak fisherman, here are a few more: 1. You don't need the most expensive kayak to get started. Just get off the bank! 2. Take advantage of the water you can access from a kayak, that the boaters can't get into. 3. Wacky worm! I always have one tied on and can almost count on catching something with it. 4. Kayak fishing by its nature forces you to slow down and more thoroughly explore a piece of water. I think this can be an advantage, as I see boaters cruise by pretty quickly with their trolling motors. 5. Use an anchor. When you find a good spot that's producing, even the slightest breeze can make it a pain to stay put.

  10. Tip down lojo!!!!

  11. Awesome to see lojo on this feed!!! Keep up the great work!!

  12. Hey lojo: would have liked to see you pick up that trash bottle (you are an inspiration to the open-minded anglers)

  13. Hey lojo: would have liked to see you pick up that trash bottle (you are an inspiration to the open-minded anglers)

  14. Fishing with Alex

    My man!!!! Great tips from and always love to see an upload with lojo. Still managed to get fish in the kayak on a tough bite day.

  15. Karl needs to hook lojo up with some new 🧤.

  16. What do you mean don’t fish in waters with gators. I’ve fished in a lake management called tenoroc and I’ve fished along side of a 15 foot gator in a 10 foot kayak. Two things you can bring along one is a Bowie knife or a pistol..

  17. Question…were you using a "worm" hook to rig that paddle tail swimbait? I've never seen anyone do that before but I'm curious if it is easier to get a bait to thread on straight and also end up swimming straight?
    Every now and then I have troubles and my bait will end up squished or wonky in some way and then it doesn't want to swim correctly…

  18. Fishing/ snowboarding with Tyler

    I just got my mysterytackbox

  19. I always clean the grass / moss off of my hooks. I noticed you did not bother on some casts?

  20. Yeeeeeeeeeet! Big dab for Lojo


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