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SUP Improved Paddling Technique

Once the basics of how to paddle board have been mastered we can begin to add a little more power to the stroke. In this video SUP technique expert Sam Ross demonstrates how to improve your paddling and increase your speed across the water.

The main thing to remember is that the board moves past the paddle so the most important thing is to place the blade where you reach.
The entry of the paddle is called the ‘catch’ and we need to make sure we bury the blade here. Keep the paddle vertical. The more the top hand is over the bottom hand the straighter the board will go. Lastly, make sure the blade comes out of the water at the feet. Drag will be created if you go past the feet.

Video produced by http://www.globalshots.co.uk

Featuring Sam Ross http://www.sam-ross.co.uk

Watch the whole “How To Paddle Board” series here – https://redpaddleco.com/uk/know-how/sup-tuition-videos/

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13 comentarios

  1. I can see back problems later in life.

  2. I love SUP’ing!!!

  3. Do all YouTube’rs have to play stupid music in their instructions, it’s annoying, anyways there were a couple tricks I learned from your video thx

  4. Your elbow is way too high Before the Catch = Shoulder problems.

  5. I can’t, it’s an inflatable board.

  6. Anton Chernyshov

    Very clear, detailed instructions. Not a single trash word. Perfect footage.
    Great job! Thanks!

  7. What size board are you using here?

  8. I have been told that the upper arm should be kept "straight" especially on catch. Where did this idea come from?

  9. Great videos man

  10. Yes, thanks for the clearly explained and well filmed tips. Good stuff

  11. are you paddling with an arc to stop from having switch sides? Id like to have a camera from above. You paddle super fast good video

  12. Great simple explanation. Looking forward to practicing..

  13. Fasterandhigher Rast

    great video! thanks for the straight forward advice.


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