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Earthrace: The Powerboat Race Around the World | FULL LENGTH | MagellanTV

Earthrace: The Powerboat Race Around the World | FULL LENGTH | MagellanTV

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Earthrace tells the story of Pete Bethune and his crew’s attempt to break the world circumnavigation record aboard their biodiesel-fueled powerboat. Watch as these brave adventurers overcome the obstacles that are thrust in their path, and make history.

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20 comentarios

  1. Yah, it had its share of naysayers, problems hitting boats and mechanical issues, but what a can do crew. Just fix whatever it is, and keep going to the end. Most people just give up.

  2. What an asshole

  3. Slow your accent down? Speed your brain up YA FILTHAY DINGOH!

  4. A Marine engineer that is allergic to Diesel? Really?

  5. This Captain Pete Guy is the luckiest guy I can imagine to have SO MANY people willing to invest and clean up his absolute cacophony of horrible choices…. and"Yeah" those Guatemala people, being so desperately poor, were certainly relieved to trade their patriarch, father, grandfather, husband for some sweet western cash. What a first-class DICK. All the others deserve a hearty congratulations for how far you got. I'd bet better planning by "Pete" would have ensured success.

  6. Killing innocent people by their stupidity and egos

  7. They killed a man and complain about how long it takes to let them go.

  8. This video didn't do the captain and crew any favors. It makes them appear careless, naive, like they didn't do any planning and caused their race (?) to be pretty much an all around disaster. Hopefully Bethune's wife will find a real man to appreciate and take care of her and the children. This is not what a husband is supposed to be. Nothing wrong with chasing your dreams as long as you take care of your family along the way, not leaving them to fend for themselves.

  9. I agree with everyone this is the most selfish man ive ever seen. his wife has so much patience id gladly take her since pete keeps leaving

  10. Poor abygil

  11. Such a poorly executed plan. Actually, I don't think there was a plan at all other than to beat a record.
    No thought what so ever, just a "let's go do it, it'll be fine" mentality.

  12. that must be the most BS operation I have ever seen. The dude is not even a sailor, obviously the boat was not properly tested, the rest of the crew is not experienced. WTF?

  13. Sold his entire family out for a very selfish DREAM! Then utterly failed. What an ass-hat! Oh and fucking kill a man too. May his kids never forgive him and leave him to rot in a home when he is old and unable to care for him self. If his wife didn't leave his dumb ass then she deserved it too.

  14. Pete does seem like a very good guy

  15. Yup seems logical to me a powerboat with no sails is a dumb circumnavigation vessel. Unless you got a military style or commercial converted ship.

  16. Isn't that the boat that got memed by the japanese whalers on Whale Wars a couple of years back? At the very least it looks insanely similar!

  17. Bio fuel, I'm out of here. Just dumb!!

  18. damn … white folk be crazy

  19. I'm really sold on bio-diesel after watching this.

  20. No air conditioning? You are a fucking loser.


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