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How To Buy Volleyball Spandex !

With the season starting soon! Some of you all are going to be going out and buying volleyball spandex! This is the all you need to know guide on how to buy volleyball spandex and where you can buy them for the best price! Please like, comment, and subscribe below!

Nike Volleyball Spandex — http://amzn.to/2vKv5x6

Mizuno Volleyball Spandex — http://amzn.to/2vFmkpS

Aasics Volleyball Spandex — http://amzn.to/2vF59o5

Underarmor Spandex — http://amzn.to/2uKscz7


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  1. Okay ! So we need to know where to buy spandex ! Here's the deets! Make sure you enter the giveaway and cop a new koko volley t shirt!

    -keep playing
    Koko ♥️

  2. Spandex refuse to fit me!! Even the pair I have that is too big rides up when I play😫

  3. how many spandex should a player have??

  4. Also Nike has some spandex that come in longer length to about mid thigh they at least for me run smaller so I would size up I am a medium but those were so tight on my thighs so I tried on a large and they work. Also go to academy to get your spandex

  5. vitomir filipovic

    Can You Please Do A Blocking Tutorial ?!

  6. detective feline

    would nike pro shorts work? i wear them at cheer practice and they work fine for that, but im trying out for volleyball next year. would they be okay or should i look into getting something else?

  7. All of your videos are helping me soo much ❤️😂

  8. 1:15 I didn't think about that tip until I bought $25 shorts that were thin, super short, and in the wrong freaking color! I was so mad when I found out I needed blue shorts instead of black. 😂😬

  9. My thighs are really fat lol so like… do they have xxl? I only we finding xl's my camel toes be crucial

  10. OMG it's literally been a year since you made this video👏 woww!! You've come a long way. Great job ms.koko❤

  11. For anyone who is looking for really cheap, but quality spandex, I recommend the brand bcg. They have all different colors, and only ring up to about 7 or 8 dollars which is a ton cheaper than the $25-$30 Nike or Mizuno shorts. Mine have lasted me over a year and are still going strong. Great for beginners, if you aren’t sure about really committing to volleyball and just want some shorts for tryouts or something

  12. purplecatlover1825 randompizza

    My parents say my spandex is too short when its perfectly fine, they dont have my bitt hanging out unlike some girls and nothing is flashing their not too short

  13. Do you have to run a lot of laps when u go to volleyball practice? And if so how many laps does your coach make u do?

  14. Aaliyanna Codrington

    mizuno are really tight and for me uncomfortable and they ride up. nike to me is the best. it is lose and stretchier…

  15. I rly like Nike pros and I would recommend those

  16. I know you will never see this but you are sooo helpful and I don’t know what I would do if you weren’t on YouTube!

  17. 1:02 I love her😂

  18. Why are my spandex showing my underwear😫

  19. I'm going for the longer ones. Lord knows that my thighs be rubbing together.

  20. My school requires all Nike everything


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