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Roger Federer v Andy Roddick: Wimbledon Final 2009 (Extended Highlights)

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20 comentarios

  1. Sad defeat of Roddick…He had everything to win.

  2. I didn't want Federer to win because he looked like a pimp, and not a good one

  3. andy deserved to win like roger deserved to win 2009 australian open, better player doesn't always win, this is tennis

  4. Super Roger !!!!

  5. Probably Federer’s closest win in a slam final

  6. Obviously these guys are paid actors.

  7. Roddick the choke artist

  8. Обожаю Роддика- хороший игрок был в прошлом, жаль ,рано закончил карьеру спортивную .👍👍👍

  9. Andreas Schwanzschwanz

  10. I felt sorry for Sampras 🙂

  11. Federer came out dressing like Duran Duran.

  12. Wow roddick had 4 set points and on the last one he had a clear head level volley but the ball almost hit rod laver in the crowd
    Then on 15-14 he has a game point but he straight out misses two balls and gives federer the point
    What a clown

  13. Richard's World Traveler

    Damn Andy chocked too many times. Especially in the tie break.

  14. 6:20 The most important game of the match just tipped off.

  15. Roddick doesn't deserve that girlfriend

  16. chiranth sanketh

    6:18. It could've been game-set-match. Could've or rather should've

  17. Terrible quality tennis.

  18. Roddick should have stuck with brad Gilbert as his coach, he played so much better with him, he hit so flat with so much power, I hated that after he switched coaches he started hitting more topspin, it completely ruined him.

  19. That missed volley at 6:20 will haunt Roddick for the rest of his days. He was so close.


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