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Sammy Montano's "Globe" Part

Some people just look like they’re born to ride the stuntwood. Sammy has it all – tricks, style, spots and one of the coolest enders you’ve ever seen.

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  1. Che rola da un buen de weba ni termine de ver el video

  2. Sick part. But what’s wrong with normal pants?

  3. This dude is so fucking AWSOME! he skates just like shane o'neill but looks a little bit like jason park! 😀

  4. Globe is still around? =O

  5. Richard Greenway

    Nice footage, well thought out angles and edit @Aaaron!

  6. 4:35 another one in the "best bs flip" category 👏🔥

  7. This man deserves a standing ovation for that ender 👏👏👏

  8. Awesome part, damn, his style is sick

  9. wtf kind of pants is he wearing lmao skating has turned so fucking weird nowadays

  10. that music tho…

  11. Sick skating, unreal part, cool spots…. shoes are wackkkk I think

  12. This was an amazing experience!

  13. Who still buys globe in the us?

  14. The Ender is no Joke !

  15. Dema dayz

  16. Amazing part!!

  17. wtf is up with the pants? is everyone gonna act like we dont see whats going on here?! lol

  18. I fux wit the full cab truck ramp

  19. Fuck it’s raining outside 😂😂😭😤😞

  20. People in the comments praising this part, it belongs in the 90s. There are youtube skaters that shred harder, hes great at skating but stop the dicksucking this is not at the level of todays skating.


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