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Swirling(Glass Vase Swirl Metallic Blue & White)


Hey guys this is a Glass Vase, YES GLASS, that i have Swirled in 2 colours, beautiful Metallic Blue & White. Undercoated first in a white primer then sanded before Swirling. After this vase has been Swirled it will be clear coated in a high gloss. Now with over 100 Swirl Videos on you tube
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Swirling DeanSwirled

Finishing DeanSwirled

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20 comentarios

  1. Beverly Frederick

    Astounding !!!

  2. Wish there was more info on paint type and other specifics about this technique

  3. Shraddha glass works and Aluminiyam Amravati

    Nice work

  4. what kind of product are you using?

  5. Is that acrylic paint and water?

  6. Please share the ingredients

  7. Maritza Galdames

    Dean beautiful Very beautiful. Saludos cariñosos desde Chile.

  8. Magnifique…merci

  9. Are these acrylic paints and water is simply plain water?

  10. Amazing, what primer should I use please. Glass primer ? WHat did u use

  11. anyone know ow he is getting such perfect results?

  12. What Paint do you use to swirl with please

  13. what color are you using

  14. que tipo de tinta é essa? deve ter algum truque

  15. Can you swirl a guitar with clear paint so that the grain is still underneath?

  16. i could watch the first 4 minutes with that music in the background forever…so satisfying and peaceful

  17. that looks very nice! btw i would love to see you doing something using red, purple and black as a combo.


    please man, can u put the name of the music u use in your video in description, awesome, like every time, after each video,I would like u customize a guitar for me,but I don't have one

  19. great effect, turned a mundane item into a spectacular item!


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