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My name is Jame. I’m 18 and I play badminton in competition since I was 12. I would like that this sport become more famous.

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20 comentarios

  1. 1. He try to delay, tie the lace, clean the sweat… but take off the shoes? seriously?
    2. She doesn't return the shuttlecock right after.
    3. I heard my friend said that they (the players) complain about the shuttlecock's quality.
    4. Wang Si xian ask for new shuttlecock but the opponent didn't want to. Then Wang Si Xian got a red card? I don't understand.
    5. She shouted and affected the line judge, I think so.

  2. Best place for Marin's red card was right in her gob.
    SHUT. UP.

  3. marin complains too much and is a big baby

  4. Didn't get the 3rd one. Anyone explain?

  5. Referees are narcist. Nothing to do with rules or sportive but just acting like Hitler.
    Those referees are pain in the ass. Thats reason that badminton is impopular because referees are acting as spoilt kid.

  6. Sayaka Takahashi my future wife lol

  7. Many of these ref's have no idea how to act as a ref. They have some fucking god complex when in actual reality they are nobodies.

  8. Wasit asu

  9. Player malaysia so noob

  10. Bwf referees are among the worst

  11. Without context, the referees look like oversensitive jerks. :/

  12. Marin is the worst behaving bitch of all times, easily.

  13. They should only allow robots to play.

  14. But Marin is strong

  15. Marin is so aggressive 😖😭

  16. Anushka ARMYForever

    why marin got the second red card?????

  17. Because many asian players don't speak english, mostly western judges look down on asian players. I really don't like this situation, compare to tennis it's like earth and heaven. I'm an asian, waiting someday equalty respect for asian player will come soon.
    Hope asian player learning english language so they can protest the judges in english language when they feel threatend unfair by judges.

  18. Marin didn't do anything wrong, what's wrong with the judge?

  19. The 5th one definitely the stupidest one, what a dumbest judge in Badminton i have ever seen. Stupid


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