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Learning to Pole Dance on a Sailboat— Sailing Uma [Step 164]


What to do on a calm, hot, and sunny day????
We invited our new friends Erica and Davy (from the channel Barefoot Sail and Dive) over to hangout on Uma, as we were setting up my aerial silks, the conversation quickly shifted to the amazing fact that Erica knows how to pole dance, and so… as creative people we all are, we decided to sailorize the idea, turn our whisker pole into a Flying Dance Pole… and we ALL gave it a go. The best part: IT WORKED and it was the most entertaining thing watching the boys channel their inner dancing skills 😂

Make sure to check out Erica and Davy’s YT channel :

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20 comentarios

  1. Damm, that looked like fun.

  2. Johnathan Williams

    that does look like a heck of a workout…… who needs a gym when ya have a whisker pole and silks 😀 great job yall that looks fun.

  3. Exploding kittens for the win!! Taco Cat

  4. catastrophicfella

    Seemed like the other boats in the anchorage kept getting closer and closer for some reason….weird

  5. The Work Vacationers

    you should make a short video of the things that Dan is bad at

  6. First time I believe I have ever thumbs down one of your videos. I'm sorry but I can't give you thumbs up when I was bored and kept skipping through your party scenes. I'm very disappointed because I love most of your content.

  7. A question for ya'll, with being in sea water so much, what hair or skin problems do you have, if any?

  8. Now that was fun to watch!

    And best use of slowmo yet 🥰

  9. 11:50 That's what toerails are for.

  10. Monique Medley Commercial Properties

    How fun Ya’ll!

  11. Very cool

  12. Epic! Mad as hatters, but epic!

  13. thanks for the fun [vid]! Good times, Uma style. Making me get pumped for Our summer on Lake Michigan. . . It is getting closer. Whoop!

  14. Sarah Lynn Bertrand

    Thank you for bringing a smile to our faces 🙂 Love your videos!

  15. That was fun!

  16. What a fun video! Thanks guys I needed that today. Have a good weekend (are there any other kind of weekends on a sail boat in the Bahamas?).

  17. When and how did you get Delos Rum? That would be a great episode to have you meet up with the Delos tribe. They're not too far away.
    You guys are great and it's always a good episode when you have friends over.

  18. @11:50 hence the usefulness of toe rails

  19. Awesome…….

  20. Hmmm I was in a pub with some friends today, but I think your day was also nice 😂


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