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Baseball is a game of numbers. It’s the one sport that has perfectly captured the abstract and defined it using terms such as OBP, Slugging, ERA, WHIP, and OPS.

To the casual fan, these are near-meaningless terms that get tossed aside, if for no other reason than they make us think about that Calculus course we failed our freshman year of college.

Over the course of 30 different teams playing 162 different games and a lifetime of seasons, we come to expect the usual set of numbers.

Anywhere from one to five hits in a game, sprinkle some walks in here or there, the occasional hit by pitch, the rare error…

But sometimes something catches our eye because it’s completely out of the ordinary.

Today, we’re counting down the oddest statlines in MLB history, and these are coming up, right after this.

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20 comentarios

  1. i didnt know there was anyone else named moyer outside my family before this video

  2. Next time advertise a real watch. Don’t plug this “it looks cool” bull shit. Chinese made garbage worth $15 at best.

  3. Didn't Satchel Paige pitched til he was 57? How about the dude who pitched a perfect game while high on crack cocaine LOL

  4. Jamie Moyer should be the poster child for late bloomers. Who else makes his All-Star Debut in his 18th season at age 40? It's like he had a decade-long prime that started at the age 34.

  5. I feel like all Detroit sports (Other than maybe the Pistons) are giving their fans serious anal probings. Also, are you ever going to do a "critiquing the MLB mascots" video?

  6. Carlos Baerga hitting two home runs in the same inning. And he was a switch hitter so it was one homer batting righty and the other batting lefty.

  7. Nice shoutout to foolish baseball bro he's great too.

  8. Greg Maddux is the greatest pitcher I've ever seen. Absolutely filthy.

  9. In the last video you liked my comment FivePoints I want to see how many videos in a row you can like my comment…

  10. Baseball sabremetrician: Clayton Kershaw has the best WHIP in baseball today.

    Oblivious person: Okay, but what about his Nae Nae?

  11. Great digging – great video!

  12. That's probably why he went to Giancarlo

  13. I was playing first base one time when in little league…it was a six inning game and every hit except for one went to me….it was kinda funny

  14. Or for the same price get a Seiko watch that has some history, looks better and is automatic! Don't buy fashion quartz watches people. Though these odd statlines are cool!

  15. Weird Stat Alert!: The 2006 Cardinals only played 161 games in the regular season that year. And they went on to win the World Series. Weird.

  16. Here's one for ya, Bengie Molina on September 26th 2008: 1-3, 1 HR, 0 runs.

  17. Babe Ruth is such a legend, everything that man ever did was either great or hilarious. p.s- my calculus professor actually looked more like Ruth, but at least I learned something. Like the fact that it's actually organic chemistry on the board behind her haha.

  18. David DeChamplain

    Paul O'Neill kicking the ball to stop the winning run from scoring still triggers me.

  19. i was watching this video at age 15


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