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Twin Pregnancy Week 35 Swimming Remedy for Swelling

This week started ROUGH, I was feeling the worst I had ever felt…everything ached and hurt, I couldn’t sleep, couldn’t breathe, couldn’t find comfort in anything, acid reflux was super bad, and I was just straight up MISERABLE!!!! I was feeling like I was getting crushed from the inside and couldn’t do anything about it, sounds dramatic but it’s the truth. So to get some relief I went swimming/floating in Jeff’s parents pool, that night I could sleep better and wasn’t aching, AND I had lost 4 pounds of swelling…WHAT??? So we went swimming again the next day and I lost another 3-4 pounds of swelling and was able to sleep the best I had in a couple months and truly felt GREAT!

We’ve had two appointments a week for the last couple weeks and this last week my blood pressures were great and the babies are doing great. We FINALLY got a sneak peak of Ayva’s face in 3D and she has cheeks! YAY!!! We seriously cannot wait to hold our babies!

Jeff ended a great job he’s had for the last three years and started at a job in his major! We are having so many amazing and scary changes happening at once here, and it’s SO EXCITING!!! Jeff also got a new church calling, more details on that in our next video.

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  1. I loved your vlog!! And congratulations to jeff in his new job!(: I am so happy for both(:

  2. You are the cutest prego carrying twins ever! Seriously 😍 the way you dress & carry yourself is amazing. I can't even tell that you're in pain or uncomfortable. Congrats to Jeff on his new career move! 👍♥️


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