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Mintonette Volleyball Drills for Ages 10-13

This video shows a number of good drills that Mintonette Volleyball club uses with their kids aged 10-13.

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  1. Those girls are very good for their age. All the basic skills they already possess. With the age they will get stronger physically and the small errors will be overcome. I have seen men with more than 20 years of experience who cannot do half the things these girls can do already. Great job!



  3. goldeneyeforevercom

    In my opinion, it's a bit too scattered. A thousand moving parts. Great drills, but chaos comes to mind.

  4. that good

  5. thanks for the good ideas, great skills of these players, very good coach…

  6. This is fantastic!

  7. Allison DeMarest

    This is awesome. Great practice.

  8. This is so helpful! Thank you!

  9. TY for sharing, this was awesome to watch and learn from

  10. Very nice practice! TY for sharing

  11. how many times per week are they practicing?

  12. Tempo and slide… Hmm


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