► Neil Tappin tests his knowledge of his own distances. Do you know how far you hit each club in the bag??

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16 comentarios

  1. Always carry a small card with distances for each club really never hit off mats

  2. Hitting 7 iron further than PGA Tour average according to Trackman ?

  3. Only deal with carry distance. Units like Game golf and Arcoss can only show carry + roll. Roll is a massive variable.
    Quality of the mat will make a difference. Decent mat = little or no difference. Hard, thin mat = more launch, less spin.

  4. Yes it definitely makes a difference hitting off of a mat and what ball you are using. You should hit off the ground and use the ball you use to play a round with.

  5. I've heard that hitting off of a mat lowers spin… something to do with the ball sitting up on the mat so the ball has less time on the face – better to do this off of grass to avoid that variable

  6. As your guess range in gap I don’t think they should be used as exact numbers you want if you look at the gaps they are usually (swing speed dependant) 12 yards. Saying 1 gap between is 10y then the next is 15y is not consistent gaps but just rounding creating error. Just my ocd opinion 🤐

  7. I think it is different from the mat as no follow through divit been taken

  8. Well done, I like this clip. I have only been playing for 10 months so my swing isn’t consistent enough to warrant the expense at the moment. However, I have done a similar thing with 10 balls (off grass) and used my golf watch to measure the average. Sometimes these yardage’s work, but generally I come up short when I’m trying to chip onto the green. Steve, Yorkshire

  9. You also need to know what effect denser air and softer ground conditions make each day that you play on grass to work out club selection. That is, carry distance in ideal conditions are a good starting point. Then what is the wind doing?

  10. Sad that you can't hit 40, 60 yards and 80 yards, these are the distances you REALLY need! You have no club that hits under 90! The longest chip might be 30… so that's the gap you should fill and not delofting the PW!
    You should have clubs you hit between 40 and 80 with accuracy! Say between your longest chip that you hit to one putter length to the flag and the pitching wedge, you should have that gap filled!!!

  11. The mat i think makes a difference alright as im definitely in the top ten world rankings as a range player 😂😞😞😞

  12. Would definitely get the PW and 6i checked out!! I think hitting of mats gives a false sense hitting crisp and clean. But most practice areas have mats!! I would love to get my distances check with a trackman!! I roughly know how far I hit my clubs!!

  13. Would recheck wedges off turf.

  14. Hitting it further of a mat

  15. How you measure this?

  16. If you area regular golfer how would you do measure this?


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