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Los Angeles Dodgers VS Colorado Rockies| Game Highlights| June 23

Los Angeles Dodgers VS Colorado Rockies| Game Highlights| June 23

Dodgers VS Rockies Game Highlights From June 23

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  1. Why show Dahl' homerun 6 times?

  2. ¿Is it me or Will Smith has similarity to Buster Posey?

  3. Dodgers are very good been Dodger fan since 1962

  4. Ridiculous series. It's not just lucky, but need talents.

  5. Luciano guadalupe Medina ayala

    Aweasome 😎😎

  6. 4:15 she I f*cking pissed! 😂😂

  7. Nothing against R.Martin and A. Barnes, but Will Smith welcome to the big league, you are alright kid! already a big time catcher!!

  8. "Daniel Murphy doing Daniel Murphy things" lol

  9. Are these the Rockies announcers? Sound like highschoolers

  10. These guys play all kinda different positions WELL! AND the LUMBER!!!! FuhhhhGEDDDabouditttt!

  11. this is just crazy!! but still, Dodger needs to get a couple of MVP RP for the WS title this yr

  12. Why is Martin starting as the catcher? Will needs to be playing

  13. Playoffs here we come, I mean what do you want me to say? Well let's see, well let's not count chickens, PLAYOFFS HERE WE COME.

  14. Lol, when is Roberts going to stop continuing to let Baez lose leads? Hell stevie wonder can see this Baez is the weakest LINK…

  15. Those booswere not at my Meda but I don't know hell yeah you know what I think hey Randall come down here on Wednesday and watch our boys in blue beat deer is on the Diamondbacks and you know why let me tell you something you know what we do we don't catch no Arizona diamondback homeruns we drove them back on the field in win just like dahl hit the homerun that ball got thrown back on the field i'm sorry did you say the Dodgers did not change because I believe they did in your ass announcers

  16. The Dodgers have lost generations of fans whom can not afford their pay per view package. Only ten games are scheduled to be shown on television this year and all before the all star break. The Dodgers have betrayed their fans, our city, and MLB with this pay per view contract and they're now cursed to choke in any world series they play in. Good Riddance Pay Per View Dodgers.

  17. I didn't think Will got it all watching it live, but damn it carried. lol

  18. The Fresh Prince of Dodger Stadium

  19. 전업가장GOGO

    와우 3편의 드라마

  20. 3 rookies with walk off home runs back to back let's go dodgers


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