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Volkswagen Golf 7 VII 2015 In Depth Review Interior Exterior

Hello and welcome Alaatin61! YouTube’s collection of automotive variety! In today’s video, we’ll take an up close and in depth look at the 2015 Golf 7. This version is the Comfortline with bluemotion technology.
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  1. Wellington Vieira

    oxxi demoniiiooo. o vídeo foi publicado em 2013 como o carro pode ser de 2015?????

  2. Thanks.  Next time, could you please sit in the back seats and show the legroom and headroom and say how tall you are?

  3. i think this is highline..it has chrome window switches and the centre console is black (silver in the comfortline version)

  4. VW makes great cars that are full of design issues that cause all too early and frequent expensive ($5000-$10,000) failures. VW failures cause collateral damage as well making repairs cost half of the cars worth ….. VW suffers from hit miss quality. Most of all the WORST CAR DEALERS and SERVICE I have ever seen. I love my Jetta Sportwagen TDI, but it has so many potential hand grenades it ruins the experience. Dealing with VW service is a nightmare, not just mine all of them. Go read the VW forums.

  5. my next car

  6. Most practical car, they made use of everybit of space but it's just plain and boring looking.

  7. http://www.autoevolution.com/news/air-conditioning-leak-discovered-by-auto-bild-on-vw-golf-7-66570.html

    I sent mine back twice to fix this problem. Still they can't solve it. Piece of junk.

  8. shit design!

  9. Shaky phone cam footage of the car in your local dealership does not constitute a "review", and certainly not an "in-depth" one.  If you want to do a review, tell us about the car, what's good, what's bad, what's new, tell us your opinions – don't just film a car in a showroom!

  10. has VW solved the DSG issue in mark 7 golf?

  11. where is the front grille radar?

  12. Even for a Golf, it looks more luxurious..

  13. I also filmed the Golf 7 GTI. You can watch that if you want 🙂

  14. Nice- hope the push start will be added like the GTI! EVERYTHING else should be the same as tech like the GTI and R!

  15. Could you explai why so I understand that is the Highline. Because this version has 16 inch rims and no Chrome strip in the front grill that go acros the headlamps. The Highline has 17 inch rims Big touscreen Navigation screen and chrome in the front and different seats.

  16. nice video, but it's the highline version not the comfortline.


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