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Chicago Cubs batter breaks down after his line drive strikes 4-year-old girl

Protective netting at ballparks is once again under scrutiny after a young girl was hit by a foul ball at a Wednesday night game between the Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros. The 4-year-old took a line drive during the fourth inning, causing the entire stadium to fall silent.

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20 comentarios

  1. Now I'm crying

  2. When you are a father felling like Albert armora , thanks Albert

  3. A man is crying and people in the crowd filming him with their mobile phone….what a foolish humanity

  4. As a Yankees fan I’d like to say I’m so sorry and don’t wish this to happen to any player/fan, but the way he acted props to the cubs organization and it’s nice to know people in baseball still have hearts. I’m praying for both of them ❤️

  5. Grims toys show.kidlockdmh

    Just catch the ball

  6. What a class act! Shows that men have a heart

  7. He's obivously a great guy and I hope that little girl is ok!

  8. People want to put up more netting to protect kids. I hope these same people fight to have seatbelts put in school buses, to protect kids. God bless the little girl & player, & people who witnessed it. I'm sure it was difficult.

  9. Justin Middleton


  10. Almora your are a class act with a huge heart.
    Dude it was a very ugly accident that you had no control over.
    Just like at the hockey games ,
    Baseball too needs nets.
    Let’s get it going MLB , so guys like Albert can do his job without worrying about hurting somebody.

  11. I’m now a Chicago Cubs fan. So much empathy! Those are the people we should root for! It’s gonna work out bud. It wasn’t really your fault at all. The netting needs to extend further out. I feel so bad for you. I believe the girl is gonna make it out all right! God is good, we just gotta have faith! I pray she will be okay and that everything in her brain and body will be 100% functional and the way they are supposed to work, in Jesus Christ holy name, amen!

  12. I pray that Albert Almora Jr. won't be traumatized for the rest of his life. Shame on the little girl who didn't get out of the way of his foul ball. I just hope the ball player will be able to continue to play at the same level so he can continue to rake in the millions of dollars he deserves to play such a dangerous and risky sport like baseball.

  13. Bless him…🌹 Bless her..

  14. I wish I could thumbs up Albert but thumbs down CBS.

  15. Hahaha get rekt!😂

  16. Pisses me off that probably now the netting is going to be up…like wtf, always gotta wait for something horrible to happen… poor baby 😔😔

  17. The possibility of catching foul balls/home runs is one of the best things about going to MLB games, it would be really sad to see something that brings so many people joy to disappear from the game. It sucks seeing people act like if you don't agree with putting giant nets all the way to the foul pole, you must not care about kids safety. You could childproof the entire stadium and accidents will still happen, remember to always stay alert when at baseball games no matter where you're sitting. I hope this girl has a quick recovery.

  18. Everybody should stay outside of the stadium and just listen to the game. That way nobody gets hurt!

  19. This is baseball, stop the drama.

  20. Michael Martinez

    I wuz at this game


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