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p1 LEARN TO SAIL – RYA Day Skipper Course – Scotsail

Episode 12 Part 1 of 3
RYA Day Skipper training course. Learning to Sail – Sailing SV Compromise

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A’up crew

In this episode we travel up to Scotland again, this time for our RYA Day skipper practical sailing courses. We booked both our courses through 1st Scotsail (link below).
We meet our instructor and we also meet our new crewmates who we will be spending the next 5 days with, luckily they was all fantastic people and we had a great laugh.
In part 1 we learn the basics of the sails and also how to moor up, we also learn about tacking and most importantly how to heave to.
We have a close encounter with a submarine but thats for part 2.

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PS Please stick with us regarding camera footage and sound, we will be investing in better equipment once we get a boat.

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16 comentarios

  1. Hi Gav and Hannah. Great video and very insightful. Going to do day skipper in a couple of months at Largs. Did Scotsail provide you with sailing jackets etc or did you take your own? Cheers, Sean

  2. I wish I had a 40' or 50 foot sailboat . I would never be able to afford one . If I had one I would like to sail around the world . I am a 64 year old retired man that lives in New Orleans . I have always wanted a sailboat , but making a living and raising a family I never had time or money for any boat . If you have one that you don't use and it is in good condition give it to me . I will use it often on Lake Pontchartrain . Then After I was used to it I would sail it south into the Gulf of Mexico and go into the Caribbean sea and through the Panama canal and be on my way around the world . Send me an email and I will come get it . Seckyreid@gmail.com

  3. after a little research this is apparently the minimum course your insurance may ask for in order to insure you on a small fishing boat , what the hell as sailing a yacht got to do with being on a 17 foot boat with an outboard and how much does a 5 day stay on that yacht cost ???

  4. Barbro EvanderLindquist

    I think the music under the program (not the inro) is disturbing becorse it is concurrent with wath you are shoing us ! Fare Winds BarbroSweden

  5. Barbro EvanderLindquist

    Takeaway the awfull music and the vid would bee mutch bertter!

  6. Hi Guys
    Great video as always. Was wondering if Scotsail provided your day skipper theory course or if they recommended someone? I'm about to embark on my sailing adventures a bit like yourselves and am going to go and do the competent crew first and was looking at Scotsail or Go West – both outta Largs wondered if you had a look at Go West and what your thoughts were? Cheers Brett

  7. Good video!

  8. Just catching up on your latest videos. Great to see you guys doing the RYA course and it is a shame more don't follow your lead as it is a great ground I and confidence boost. Best of luck I am sure you will sail through it' forgive the pun. I did my Day Skipper and Yacht master back in 1984/5 and so much has changed in terms of electronics I am thinking of doing it again,to get up to date. Safe passage and can't wait to see what boat you buy in the end. Andy UK SY Corrival Rival 32

  9. Good one guys! Looks like you enjoyed it!

  10. Wow, I love this video! I am yearning for our trip even more now ( very nervous) But this is very helpful. You look so comfortable .
    Nicely edited vid too! In the other 2 parts I hope to get to see the inside of the boat as well! How exciting for you all! You should be proud of yourselves. XXXX

  11. Great Video! Heaving to was something I became aware of on Sailing Uma! Dan and Kika do this often!
    Carl and Jenny are finally putting their training to work today! Happy for them!
    See you in part 2! 👍👍⛵⚓⛵

  12. Sailing with Granny & Grandad

    So glad you managed to film your practical course, a real insight into what to expect. Big thanks for sharing and impressed how fast you got it edited and online. Looking forward to the next two. Fair winds.

  13. SV Impavidus (Ant & Cid Sailing)

    Great vid as usual. Did you get any centre cleat or spring off instruction? Hove too is probably the best thing any sailor can learn, when we catch up we will tell you a mid channel tale of hove too that literally saved the bacon. Ant & Cid xxx

  14. Where have you been? Missed you 😁 For heavens sake get some sailing gloves, I favour the fingerless ones but ALL mine end up with holes in the palm … imagine what that could do to your hands 🤪🤪

  15. Did u do your traing on the clyde loads of subs

  16. Sailing Nauti Pirate

    Awesome… .Great job….. I need to take a course one day..


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