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Federer reaches final, Isner's title defence continues | Miami Open 2019 Semi-Final Highlights

Federer in imperious form again, Isner still yet to drop a set… Watch official ATP tennis streams all year round: http://tnn.is/YouTube

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  1. Noor Zein Suryana


  2. A case of sorcerer (Federer) vs. the apprentice (Shapovalov)

  3. Joao Alves Santiago

    very very small highlights 🙁

  4. What a drop volley by Roger off that terrific return by the Canadian. My pick in the final is the Fed. because he can handle the big serves somehow (just ask Andy Roddick) even though I love big John

  5. Federer- what a player, what a man! 83 titles off his favoured grass (Nadal 23 titles off his favoured clay, only 2 indoors)

  6. MrJamesLongstreet

    3:41. Right side/top corner.

  7. Can y’all do me a be favour, just watch my video please ❤️

  8. The professor , Federer, says, “young man respect your elders.”

  9. Johan Rijhkelaar

    Now go on and win it on Sunday and please don’t choke it as you did in Indian Wells vs Thiem

  10. Nadal and Joke Tards are probably bitching cuz their loverboys will never be this good at age 37!

  11. Salute Maestro.

  12. And they say the Americans have bad backhands 4:27

  13. Reality is federer is a god of tennis.

  14. Imagine when Roger plays his own children…… and still wins lol

  15. Thought the crowd turnout for Federer match was poor then I saw the Isner match ,😂

  16. Well done John, did not expect him to get back to final this year!

  17. that lunging volley from Denis was fucking amazing

  18. geez who will the crowd be cheering for in the final? the american or the goat?

  19. if federer had a son when he was 18 and this son would becomes a tennis player Roger would be playing in tournaments against his son. Federer vs Federer

  20. That announcer is a butt plug , why don’t you STFU and let the big boys just play!


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