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Noosa – an Australian surfers dream

150 kilometers north of Brisbane on Queensland “Sunshine Coast” we will find tropical Australian right breaking Point waves in a town called Noosa. Noosa is a Aboriginal world meaning “a place of shade” and named as one of the 25 best waves in the world.
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  1. "its like having a tea with god" yeah if the tea shop only had enough space for 20 people and your managed to cram 200 people in there. Then its just like surfing Noosa 😀

  2. Fair Dinkum Reb …"Did you have to" dropping a video like this makes the over crowded situation even worse, not that it's a secret but krikie mate let Noosa be …As this little slice of paradise called Noosa IS FAR TO CROWDED … We would hike it to Granite or Alex to escape the crowds back in the 70's. Back in the day Peter Troy would make my boards for me out of the old KP shop at Sunshine Beach. I know now how lucky I am to have to have lived and surfed the area when not dropping in "One Surfer to a Wave was still a thing".
    RIP Peter you were a great truly great man.

  3. That's right, it is in Austria. You got the flag wrong though.

  4. Bullshit , it's a fucking nightmare , Kook Alley!

  5. This idiot says that Hayden Kenny surfed Noosa in the forties, he is
    only about 10 years older than me and I was born in 1947 so this guy is
    full of shit, We used to surf the cyclones there on Gun Boards and they
    were bloody fast, we could pick up a wave on the southern point in Tea Tree bay and
    ride it past Johnson's through to main beach and they were big waves,
    George Greenhough reckoned that the waves were equal to the big breaks in Hawaii, I was raised and lived in Maroochydore on the sunshine coast.

  6. Austrian???Send the american surf tourists to Austria please.

  7. Noosa is shit – don't bother.

  8. Vitabrick Snailslime

    If you dream of hordes of people at a break which hardly ever works.

  9. What is said in this post is dead set- Noosa is unreal. Surfed this place heaps in the 80's when living in Woorim on Bribie Is. Good people- good vibe- good waves.

  10. surfies are pedos, from the 60's 70's puberty blues, your dads and grand dads fucked 12 yeAR olds in their tradies trucks, did pot and the odd murder…noosa is the aborignal word for "place of shame" call me a wog ONE MORE FUCKING TIME…you dirty shitstain straya englanistan faggots…I show you some free SLAV lessons in manners.

  11. Austrian? Really? What a dumbass!

  12. noosa have salt water crocks?

  13. jardean hinchliffe

    Noosa is shit

  14. yesfrat b knowin

    how cools the old bloke baha ledgend

  15. only works once a year

  16. He said Austrian….. !!!!  I heard it  !!

  17. why did they show Lennox Head?? 0:10

  18. Wow maybe learn how to speak fkn strayian before making this video!

  19. Geographically challenged fucking Seppos, @0:13.. "Austrian right breaking point wave …."


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