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What Kayak To Buy For Fishing – Helpful Tips

What Kayak To Buy For Fishing – Helpful Tips
So you are interested in buying your first kayak for fishing. How do you get started. Here are some basic tips to help you figure out which kayak to buy.
1) Buy the kayak that you will use the most. A kayak that is too expensive to mess up, too much of a headache to use and put away, too heavy, or just plain inconvenient is not going to be used after the “honeymoon” period. Focus on picking a first kayak that you will have no issues with getting on the water through your orientation period.
2) Buy used. No need to absorb the new kayak depreciation when you are still not for sure going to be getting into the sport. You can easily sell it later should you want to upgrade.
3) Make sure you account for storage, transport, and ability to lift.
4) Research multiple makes and models that you are wanting so it will be easier to find one used.
5) Make sure the kayak matches your fishing style. Flats, offshore, rivers, lakes, etc.
6) Understand how length and width affect the different types of fishing styles.
7) Focus on learning how to kayak first and kayak fish second. By learning the basics of kayaking will make you a better fisherman by making you more efficient at controlling your kayak.
8) Think experience and fun over having the coolest/most expensive toy.
If you have any questions about buying your first kayak, don’t hesitate to throw it down in the comments.


The Car – 1997 Honda Civic Hatchback DX
The Motorcycle – 1997 BMW F650

The Kayaks
1) 2010 Wilderness Systems Tarpon 140.
2) 2012 Hobie Adventure Island w/ Outboard Motor Mount
– 2010 Suzuki 2.5 HP 4-Stroke Outboard
– Lowrance Hook-5

The Rods/Reels

1) 7′ MH Shimano Teramar, TMS-X70MH, Line Wt. 10-20lb, Lure Wt 1/2-1 1/2oz, Power: Medium Heavy, Action: Extra Fast
– Penn Conflict 4000
– Power Pro 20lb
– Power Pro 10lb
– Andes 15lb pink mono

2) 7′ H Shimano Teramar, TMS-F70H, Line Wt. 15-20lb, Lure Wt 1/2-2oz, Power: Heavy, Action: Med Fast
– Penn Conflict 6000
– Power Pro 65lb

3) 6’6″ XXH Offshore Angler – Ocean Master Freestyle Jigging Trigger Rod, OM66XXHT, Line Wt. 80-200, Lure Wt, 7 1/2 – 13 1/2oz, Power Extra Extra Heavy
– Shimano Torium 16
– Power Pro 65lb

4) 7’6″ M Hurricane Calico Jack IM7, CAJ-457, Line Wt. 8-17lb, Lure Wt 3/8-3/4oz, Power: Medium
– Shimano Solstace 4000 FI
– Power Pro 20lb

5) 6′ Ande Tournament Stand Up Rod, ASU-601A SDRMH, Line Wt. 20-50, Power: Medium Heavy
– Shimano TLD-30A 2-Speed
– Power Pro 65lb

6) 6’6″ Shimano Trevala, TVC-66MH, Line Wt. 50-100lb, Jig Wt 50-100g, Power: Medium Heavy, Action: Medium Fast
– Abu Garcia 6500C3
– Power Pro 30lb

7) 7′ Shimano Trevala, TVC-70ML, Line Wt. 20-50lb, Jig Wt 55-135g, Power: Medium Light, Action: Medium Fast
– Abu Garcia 6500C3
– Power Pro 30lb

Plus a few other misc saltwater rigs that are used sparingly and some Bass rigs which I won’t use in salt water.


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  1. I appreciate the common sense, thumbs up from me!

  2. Great video!
    Not sure how people think selling a used item commands almost the same price as a new one on craigslist though….

  3. This was a great video. I want to thank you for the great information you provided. You really included a lot of very useful information including issues related to transporting the kayak and practical information for people new to kayaking. Great advice on buying your first kayak and buying a used one first to make sure that you really like the sport. I liked what you said with the stages of learning first how to kayak and then learning fishing while on a kayak. Same great advice with getting a paddle kayak first before a pedal kayak. (i.e., learn to walk first, before you run). Again, very practical advice you gave. You are a great instructor. Thanks!

  4. Very good video! Informative and enthralling!

  5. What if I want to buy a pedal Kayak just to cruise around and not fishing, where can I buy one. Everything is for fishing, fishing, fishing… I say, fuck the fish there are better way to go fishing, and way cheaper too, fish off the river banks, or a cheap boat. I want a pedal Kayak to be on the water, exercise my legs and keep fit without getting messy fish

  6. will also say this if u do decide to buy a more expensive kayak and do intend on useing it alot then u better get a good paddle going cheap on the paddle is like buying a hunting rifle and going cheap on the scope the paddle is the 2nd most important thing 1st most important is the PFD/Life Jacket the paddle is something u will use all day and the price will go up the lighter in over all wieght and durability it is u want a paddle that will perform well but if u are one of those people thats a once in a while kayaker then dont need to worry so much on the paddle for me ill be useing it alot so went with the Bending Branches Angler pro with a carbon fiber shaft and fiber glass blades it is a $300 dollar paddle and wieghs under 1 pound for the whole thing will say 1 more thing about my kayak i got about the trolling motor option. when i go to a river it will be most useful on the return trip surely paddling down a river is easy just have to know how to steer your kayak but when u decide to go against that current in any kayak fast or slow u will find it to be some what of a work out have heard from many that use sit in kayaks that are narrow how much of a work out it is but having a trolling motor handy to do all the work for u will certainly make life alot easier that is 1 other thing to think about if u dont have someone coming to pick u up on the other end of the river and u have to paddle back.

  7. I bought the 3 Waters Big Fish 105 is a 10ft 4 inch kayak for $800 got it in a package deal with a Rutter so it was $150 dollars more, The 120 is a 12 ft kayak an is bigger but wanted the smaller one for hauling purposes, i love my kayak it is a sit on top fishing kayak with a adjustable seat u can sit in all day with out having your back ache, The seat can even pull up and out of your way allowing for a large area to stand and can lean on. There are 4 track systems 2 rod holders built into kayak and it is trolling motor and fish finder and rutter upgradable there is so many different things that can be done to this kayak and comes with things u would see in a 1300-1600 kayak coming with in a 800 dollar one. This kayak comes with so much i have convinced 2 people from work to buy it 1 guy bought 2 of them and another bought 1 they all bought the 120 the 12 ft model for 999. As a fisherman and a beginner i got this kayak due to its stability it is slower but rather be slow and safe then worrying about stability when reeling in a fish and if it is to slow then i can always have the option to mount a trolling motor in the center console and troll to spot i want to be and paddle around from there

  8. If u are looking for a kayak do alot of looking and dont let someone from some box store tell u what u need or want it is likely they dont even kayak so how do they know what u want or like? u want advise on the kayaks u have or yet to look at ask someone who sells kayak gear and kayaks they will be the more experienced people to get advise from. Head Waters Kayaks is a name of a youtube channel he owns a kayak shop and kayaks all the time and he helped me with his vids. He helped me find the right kayak for me and the best one with the lowest price.

  9. I have been most excited about getting this kayak is because this kayak will offer freedom, free to fish where ever i want instead of stuck on the shoreline, Free to go fishing when ever i want and not depending on someone who has a boat that feels the need to give me permission then change their mind and say i cant use it for that day.

  10. im looking to kayak for the first time i have a vehical no drivers licence lol so in this i have searched the internet and found a way to tow a kayak behind a bicycle and what i would need to make it work i will need to walk my bike here and there when going through pot holes and bumps but all and all will get it there to fish out of.

  11. Hey Steve, what are some absolute ‘must have’ features for an offshore kayak (85% of my fishing of offshore). I heard people say no less than 13’ and Mirage drive. What are your thoughts. I’m a fresh college grad so owning a boat isn’t in the cards for me but I love going offshore (usually on friends boats, and the occasional charter for birthdays and such)

  12. Thanks for your honesty

  13. Mark Anthony Davis

    This is very helpful.

  14. Excellent and helpful video. Thanks.

  15. Great advice…. sadly this was my story. Bought an expensive paddle kayak, was too heavy… and after fishing realized I should have got the pedal version so I could actually fish more than paddle. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I'm glad you made this video. I wish I'd have had it back when I bought my 1st one. Love watching your videos

  17. I would add to look at FaceBook Marketplace in your local area. This is one of the best places locally to find kayaks and almost anything. Great video.

  18. The Autistic Angler

    Brilliantly helpful Steve, well done.

  19. Good job brother…. great vid.🦈🐡🐠🐟

  20. Thank you. I think you just saved me a bunch of time and $$$.


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