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How to Set Up a Skateboard for Beginners

I know we have done a lot of board set up videos, but Chloe has been asking for a real tutorial for beginners (like herself) who have never put a board together before. I hope this video helps you and you now have a complete set up you can go skate on!

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  1. Braille Skateboarding

    What other tutorials do you guys need us to make?

  2. i don’t even want to buy from zumiez (the only place near me that has skateboards) i’ll just do it myself

  3. Did you guys see the “creature “ in the right upper corner??? What the hell is that? On 13:20 seconds!

  4. “Wait, for little kids don’t you want the wheels tighter?”
    “No, you want the wheels to roll.”

  5. even tho ive set up plenty boards, this was very enjoyable to watch someone learn the meditation of setting up a board.

  6. Nicodemus Harris

    Hay Aaron and the whole Braille team I was just wondering if y'all could hook me up with a skateboard and some wheels grip tape because my skateboard has broken

  7. or troy

  8. big foot gabe

  9. Ali Loominaty Khan

    15:54 protective aunt mode

  10. This video is just about Aaron asking her for equipment🤣

  11. so i just bought my first skateboard + the parts to put it together, and i’m really struggling to get the trucks tightened onto my board. for some reason i can’t get the nut to tighten onto the screw to hold the truck tightly to my board. i’m using a screw driver on one side to hold the screw still, and i’m using the skate tool on the other side to screw the nut down, and it’s just not working?? getting really frustrated and might just bring it to a shop to put together for me lol

    if anyone can help me to know what i’m doing wrong that’d be great. this video was helpful otherwise

  12. 13:34

    Your welcome

  13. Great vid. However, I still don't see any differences between the rubbery side of the bearing to the plastic side. Does it really matter which side of the bearing you sliding in and if it does, how do you notice the differences?

  14. Can i cut griptape just with sharp kitchen knife?

  15. My first complete got set up at the store I bought it at (online) and had one truck going the other way and I couldn't figure out what on earth was wrong with my board, a lot of people looked at it and didn't find anything weird with it except it was imposible to ride. Finally a friend told me the trucks were not set up correctly…

  16. Today I’m gonna be teaching you how to setup a skateboard. First you need to know the basic tricks. Frontside 180, backside 180, Ollie, heelflip, shuvit, and kickflip.

  17. I thought this was Aaron's wife from the thumbnail xd

  18. 13:20 what 😶

  19. why did bigfoot passed by at 13:19

  20. They are called Nylock nuts. Nylon (type of plastic) that locks onto the thread. Loctite is a brand-name.


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