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Happy Valentine's Day from the #USWNT

Happy Valentine's Day from the #USWNT

The U.S. Women’s National Team shares their favorite Valentine’s Day gifts. Happy Valentine’s Day 2014!

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20 comentarios

  1. Erika Tymrak is a big mood 😂 “I just go to the store and clean the isles 😂” oh and syd is hilarious too🤣

  2. Krieger 😍😍😍😍 And Syd sums up my whole existence

  3. I watch these to see if Alex Morgan is here, and she was. Servando, if you watched this, u know what to get her!!

  4. Aww poor HAO😔😂

  5. "Blank,Blank you're so fine won't u b my valentine" 😂😂😂😂

  6. theyleftusallbehind

    this video was way too straight for my liking… they should have talked to abbey and rapinoe and ashlyn tbqh

  7. Gianna Devita1317

    One word to describe HAO in this is: cRaZy

  8. Kels I will do it with u😘

  9. can Kelley be my valentine ?❤️

  10. Tymrak Lol

  11. @sydneyleroux did she find her husband now within that 8 days, i wonder? haha
    who was kelley looking at when she answered? hmmm

  12. Renee Ramlochan

    Lol Sydney goes, I have 8 days to find me a bf lmaoo

  13. pure banta from HAO

  14. We had a man head coach?!

  15. Maddison Gister

    Ummmm slicedGabe Alex Morgan is married

  16. "Just a smooch… from my lover" lol love KO

  17. Henry Allen Laudemilk

    HAO's face is so red

  18. KO is always so silly XD

  19. why i never realize that o'reilly is sooooo fun ?! xD

  20. Since I have a truckload of chocolate left from Christmas, it looks like Ali Krieger and Erika Tymrak would be happy with me as a valentine.  Kelley O'Hara is definitely the easiest one to please out of all….


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