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Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant & DeAndre Jordan BEST Highlights at Barclays Center! Welcome to NETS!

Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant & DeAndre Jordan signs with Brooklyn Nets! Check out their best highlights, moments & plays at Barclays Center | 2019 NBA Free Agency
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20 comentarios

  1. Yes Nba would be trending again

  2. Bruh is this real

  3. I'm a little retarded

    DeAndre Jordan gonna have a comeback this year

  4. Ultimate Warrior

    Byrie & KD> Curry & KD

  5. Here come the bandwagon nets fans. Been a fan since Isaiah Whitehead was our starting point guard

  6. Calvin Delaronde

    5:16. Does the league not call this violation anymore? Almost every set of hi-lights you see now a days is filled with travels and carrying the ball.

  7. Kylan Hasselbring

    They gonna be good


    Who likes KD or washed up DEANDRE

  9. First Take on Monday

    Molly: Good mornin-

    SAS: Here’s why you’re wrong.

  10. The NBA as it was like in 2013!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  11. These guys don't even play together yet but you posting a video with best Highlights. Gtfo you fckn clickbait retards

  12. James Hutchence

    KD can redeem himself by winning a legit ring in Brooklyn, his 2 with the Warriors were cakewalks, next season will be fun

  13. Lakers winning next year tho

  14. axel ross resurreccion

    Lakers vs nets 👀👀👀

  15. Hov done playin around😂😭

  16. potential 5th/6th seed on east 2020 playoffs.

  17. god damn brooklyn is litty as fuck now

  18. Welcome my brothers I’m so happy KD and KI took a chance on NY I know we been bums for years now and I’m glad they said you know what I’ll risk my future and my destiny and try to bring a chip to NY

  19. Jay just caught a bag


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