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What Grip Size is Best?

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Grip size is a highly subjective and personal decision for every player, but here are some tips that will help if you’re not sure where to start!

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20 comentarios

  1. Do a video on how to clean a white grip

  2. I’m more of a two finger kind of guy

  3. does grip size have any relationship with tennis elbow susceptibility ??

  4. What size do you get if you are male with skinny small hands? 4 1/4 or 4 3/8, or 4 1/8?

  5. I have a huge question!!! What grip is best for me? I know there are a lot of grips but I’d like to know which one I should get for my preference.

  6. Is it possible to change the Shape of the grip (properly).

    I'm still hopeless. But personally I like the idea of making the current grip longer, but not rounder.
    Also is it possible to modify the end cap, so you don't have the tapper at the end of the handle.
    Just going by feel in my hand, that's what i'd like to know how to do properly,.

  7. The best answer is "Smaller than you think" .. if you want a modern swing

  8. You must talk about hand size or this topic is stupid and poitless!

  9. Thanks for playing but… your answer is "it's up to your preference". So your video gives pretty standard advice but isn't really an answer to thee question which doesn't really have a right or wrong answer anyway. Kinda like, if you were making a forehand video and say, there are lots of different ways to hit a forehand… figure out what works best for you. Duh.

  10. Michael Vyzinkar

    Eastern grip feels so weird after using a semi western

  11. I want more about tennis draws and tennis details

  12. yeah, arbitrary pretty much sums it up. every persons finger size is different (both length and width) so I'd say that using this method could potentially create thousands of different results (millions?)

  13. Great tip Ian I agree with you I would add that, unless is my personal feeling, that you should feel the racquet head with your hand and also feel that you are firmly hitting the ball with that grip size therefore you can get control in every stroke

  14. Should have talked about modifying the grip shape, too.

  15. I think that with smaller grips you can handle the racquet face better and you've got more feel of the ball on the strings I use to hold a racquet with 4 5/8 but now I'm playing with 4 3/8 and it's very nice you can feel the racquet face better and it's more easy to change directions of the ball as well.

  16. I think that it's a matter of personal preference my grip size it's a L3 with the overgrip included. That old method of the finger in the gap just sucks.

  17. Ian what grip did you use?

  18. ian how much thick this grip should be?

  19. What grip size does Fed use?

  20. so, you guys saying you guys like different sized girths


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