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My honest review of an 8.0 Almost skateboard deck! (2016)

– I apologize for the intense music.
– This video was made years ago, before I tested many boards and before I knew much about making videos. I think you’ll find my newer videos more helpful, so feel free to check those out if you get the chance. Have an amazing day!


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Hey, what’s up?

My name is Chris. I love nature, skateboarding, animals, and peaceful vibes.

The mission of my YouTube channel is to motivate, entertain, and provide advice so you can you enjoy skating more and progress faster.

To do that, I make videos on: trick-learning processes, skits, my advice (trick tips, etc.), other skaters’ advice (interviews, etc.), and more.

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Thank you for reading this – I really appreciate it. Have an amazing day!
– Chris
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  1. Peaceful Skater

    2 things:
    – This video was made before I tested many boards and before I knew much about making videos. I think you’ll enjoy my newer videos more – feel free to check them out if you get the chance.
    – Keep in mind that different graphic boards of the same brand can have completely different shapes, concaves, and dimensions. (Even DLXSF boards of the same graphic can!) This was just my experience with this particular graphic Almost board. Tactics.com is a good resource to check the shape, concave, and dimensions of a lot of boards. (They don’t have Primitive, Revive, or 3-Block boards, though.)

  2. Dallas Williams

    Back in my day they had almost decks that would scratch off Orange or blue. Do they still sell those?

  3. Dallas Williams

    Almost and plan b are the only boards worth buying. I break any other board within the first week. Ive only broke 1 almost deck. But it was years old. The are very light compared to other boards. Pair that with tensor mids or lows with ricta 52 mm you cant go wrong.

  4. I said bless you when he sneezed. Haha.

  5. He don’t open his mouth when he talk

  6. What's the strongest board in 2018

  7. You sound kind of like rad rat. Cool vids bro

  8. That sneeze got me dead asf😂😂

  9. How can people skate an 8????
    Too fat the board takes forever to flip!
    I go with 7.75

  10. Janelle Natividad

    is it light?

  11. plus Ive had the chance to try an Almost and theyve got a really nice mellow concave thats not flat, but nowhere near as deep as the foundation I have, plus they're super poppy, just as much as an Enjoi. im about to get an Almost in 8.5" just cause I love the feel of their concave. super stoked and cant wait

  12. i understand using only popsicles if your getting super tech with tricks, but shaped boards are so much fun to ride. they even make modern shaped street boards that have a more modern tail and nose rocker and concave but its on an old school shape. Ive tried a friends board and its just like a popsicle but with a bit more shape to it

  13. Just a guy who likes anime

    My dad gave me his ALMOST from when he was 15 (he is 41 now) about 2 years ago, and is still in great shape! I use it every day. Very good skate board! 10/10

  14. Had heard good things about almost and this just convinced me to get one as my first board. also you have one new subscriber 👌

  15. Hey man just saw your review i think ill get one its cheaper than then enjoy i want. Thanks!

  16. Gale the Snail 101

    Skating Hanrails does not require a lot of work pop just go fast and when get onto the rail it would have only bean shin high but they are scary

  17. very helpful review! just ordered a deck yesterday with the same print as yours but in blue and wanted to know if I made the right choice, and it certainly sounds like I did. you got a sub from me, great content dude, keep but the good work!

  18. Do you have one of Impact models with carbon fiber inserts? Those intrigue me. I like the concept and really want it to work.

  19. Haha I just got an almost skateboard from skateamerica.com about three weeks ago, so far I've been loving it

  20. First time stumbling upon your videos. As a newcomer I'd give 2 pieces of advice. 1: next "review" you do maybe throw in a couple 20-30 second clips of you using the skateboard. (IE: you talked about moderate high rails, maybe shortly after throw in a video of you board-sliding a couple) 2: Volume. This isn't a big one but this is about the 10th video I've seen in the last hour and I had to turn my volume up significantly to hear it. Then of course 5 minutes of video go by and I go on to my next video and it's blasting in my ear.

    Nonetheless a decent review. Footage examples would help a lot. Your channel deserves more views than it gets.


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