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This small changed helped one our members, Trent, go from struggling to make 100m to being able to swim 2km without stopping. If you can’t swim for long distances, try changing the way you breathe.

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  1. Francisco Tabilo Huerta

    I'm actually exhausted after 50m

  2. I am having a terrible time after a break from swimming but I never got it first time around. I have resorted to breathing every cycle for now which helps. However, after about 20 minutes I am struggling with forward momentum and no matter how hard I breathe out I just seem not to be able to get air into my lungs. I go for long stretch, rotate properly, head down, look behind when going for breath.. Can't work out what is happening!

  3. About to do my first training session for swimming on Monday. Any advice or suggestions?


  5. I first watched this video 2 weeks ago and I couldn't swim for more than 50 meters without stopping. Now I can swim my entire 1 km workout without any involuntary breaks. This changed everything! Thanks for posting guys. Greetings from Maui. Aloha!

  6. i never had this problem but recently i was worked on by my physio and i was found to have my rib cage to tight she released the rib cage and i ws breathig a lot deepr i have been like this a long time even when fit.

  7. My problem is water is getting into my nose or throat :/

  8. Electroneum Rich

    I'm exhausted after 10 m help

  9. Mutemwa Ushewokunze

    thanks – I have that issue where I can do more that 50m – will try these exercises thanks

  10. Ruben Hernandez

    I’ve been teaching myself to swim for the past week or so and I have to say the first challenge is getting used to water in your nose. The next huge challenge is learning how to go for air. It’s so hard for me to naturally turn in between strokes, I always overthink it lift my arm out of the water on the side I’m trying to get air from then I just splash water into my holes and have to stop altogether 😭

  11. when my head comes outside water do I take breath in through my nose or mouth?

  12. Guillaume Romain

    Great content. Signed up
    Thank you!

  13. This is a serious question, and I would appreciate your advice.

    With only 18 days to my local triathlon, which I would sorely love to make my 1st, can I go from 100m swim to 1km?
    It's a 2-part question!
    Can I, given that I have the time for multiple, daily practice, if ithat is required, turn in a competitive time?

    Thanks, in advance!

  14. Great video. I only started swimming front crawl in July. With this technique swimming for 30 mins at lunch.ove 🏊

  15. So, slow exhalation through the nose whilst the head is in the water followed by hard exhalation from nose & mouth just before lifting the head to breathe. That sounds easy. I think it's a lot more to do with fitness than technique. Everyone says my technique is fine but I get out of breath after two laps. Just like I get out of breath after a lap of a 400 metre track. It's normal. Unless you're walking.

  16. This is how I breath too! I usually take 4-5 strokes between. Swimming is such an awesome way to build up your lungs! Thanks for sharing this video:)

  17. Am using nose clip is it good or should I get rid of it

  18. This video is awesome. Seriously I've always been athletically gifted, more track than pool, specifically because I can fly over 50m, then I start to fatigue massively. I do breathe but it feels like I'm not getting enough air. By the end of the pool it's like I've done 50 push-ups whilst holding my breath!

  19. Ok,so there is this end of the year trip and we're going to Calypso. But you have to pass a swim test. It's 50m and 2 m deep I am a meter what am I gonna do. I already paid.

  20. Ok,so there is this end of the year trip and we're going to Calypso. But you have to pass a swim test. It's 50m and 2 m deep I am a meter what am I gonna do. I already paid.


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