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How I Learned to operate a Sailing Boat in 5 Days

I spent 5 days at Reef Runner Sailing School to learn how to Sail
Learn to Sail with Capt. Jeremy: https://www.rrsailing.com/
BECOME PART OF THE TEAM: https://www.patreon.com/dylanmagaster

Learn to sail!

The most helpful book I’ve ever bought: https://goo.gl/8YEUSL

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20 comentarios

  1. great teaching

  2. How much was the class if you don't mind me asking?🤔 And great video!

  3. Jeremy seems super cool and a great instructor, I'm going to go to the Reef Runner Sailing School to learn to sail next summer, it looks brilliant – thanks for the heads up Dylan!

  4. I like how when the coast guard realizes who your teacher is they just decide to leave.

  5. ReefRunner! When I decide its time to get certified, I'll be calling Jeremy! Thanks for the video Dylan! Great stuff as always! Good luck!

  6. I used to teach sailing. Here's an easy way to remember the Clew corner of a sail: as it's the flapping end of the sail, you can say that it has "no clue where it's going". Fair winds!

  7. what a lovely guy that instructor is. cool dude!

  8. Blowing up my life jacket while drowning has never worked great for me.

  9. so u switched from glades to sailing? awesomen 😀

  10. It is spelt Gybe, not Jibe.


    Dylan you have done very well so happy for you man

  12. I love this new series! Have a great time with your sailing adventures!

  13. king man

  14. OH yeah looking forward to your sailing vlogs soon.

  15. You are doing great, good for you still learning. That captain must have one hell of a good rep if the c. g. leave him alone. safe sailing

  16. i want more of this dude. awesome

  17. me thinks Dylan is a quick study

  18. I like any teacher, but if I’m paying, and their talking to me like shit, regardless of their title and experience, I’ll bit my tongue, then I’ll tell them to get fucked. I’m paying to learn, and if I’m trying to learn, then their is no need to talk to anyone, like shit. And it’s no good for the student, as their confidence goes, what little they had to start with, and you can’t learn, when you’re stressed out, especially as a beginner at anything, period. So this instructor was patient, and gave his knowledge, so that’s a good teacher.

  19. very nice 👍👍👍

  20. van life seems much more simple lol…


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