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Super Mario Strikers | Daisy's Animations | Home

[46 – 1080p HD] Super Mario Strikers | Daisy’s Animations | Home

[Hidden Video #11] I rather record Mario’s animations… (Because he is the best captain in the game)

This video was recorded on May 27, 2012.

[Away Version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sy0CFgg6gFs]

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20 comentarios

  1. ignoring all the. honestly disgustingly horny straight men in the comments…daisy is adorable

  2. I love Daisy! She's great!

  3. 1:44 Unzip my pants

  4. Not my best wank. But it’ll do…

  5. Shenique Jackson

    whistles and nosebleed I love Daisy in this Mario Sports game! She's looking Super Hot and Sexy as Hell in her Super Sexy Hot Strikers outfit like this! Peach will always be my first, and Daisy is my second! I love them both from the Super Mario series/franchises!

  6. People can watch this at any age any place at any time. No restrictions

  7. I want SSBU animashun

  8. Enough with the inappropriate comments. Young children are watching this.

  9. Daisy’s got some attitude

  10. King Koopa Stupa

    My favorite princess to fap too.

  11. Yeah? Is Princess Daisy's 30th anniversary?

  12. 0:04 Yeah? YEAH? *tut*

  13. XxHigurashiRikaxX Tarynn

    I heard a scream of Daisy 0:23

  14. PeachApricorn's Shining Star!

    Daisy: Can't beat me, Mario.

  15. This Shot should bei her Final Smash.

  16. Queen of sass

  17. Pooru Animations by Paul Gonzalez

    Daisy is so beautiful and she looks pretty hot in that outfit

  18. daisy is very sexy and she has sexy and girlcrush voice i like her

  19. She a bad chick


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