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YETI Presents: Offseason

YETI Presents: Offseason

As Major League pitcher and cancer survivor, Daniel Norris is used to taking some hard knocks. But living out of his van during the offseason provides a sort of “reset” button for the everyday grind.

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Film credits:
Production Co: Moonhouse
Director: Ben Moon
Producer: Aimee Tetreault
Director of Photography: Ben Sturgulewski
Editor: Dana Shaw
Music: Todd Hannigan, Fernando Apodaca, “Ones and Zeros” by Jack Johnson

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In this YETI Presents video, join Daniel Norris on the open road in his VW van Shaggy as he tours the west coast in search of adventure on the open roads.

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  1. He’s now cancer free so awesome and happy for Daniel.

  2. Yeti hates poor people they are to expensive

  3. i love this guy

  4. This dude living the L I F E

  5. I work with cancer patients everyday. Cancer is Curable with Cannabis. I promise. Plus, thanks for the Westfalia from a long time VDub driver, I respect this a lot. Thanks Daniel

  6. Definition of a true hipster🤙🏻

  7. Very well done!! 🙏🏻👏🏻

  8. “I have no control over this” best quote ever thanks for the great vid

  9. Jesus will heal you pray to Jesus he can cure cancer in his mighty name !!!!

  10. Jack johnson melody of life

  11. riveral represent

    in reality he can live a expensive life his net worth $2million is huge but he chose to life in the van for adventures

  12. this guy knows how to live a secluded life outside of baseball

  13. adalmey morales

    que belleza de vida,es saber utilizar tu libertad!! de la forma más original.Creo que me ha hecho cambiar mi forma de ser,mi manera de vivir, que forma más humilde de vivir teniendo un gran patrimonio. 4 ruedas son suficientes para ver cosas que te hacen sentir mejor pese a grandes peligros.

  14. Cool, extraordinary person. But I would buy some kind of shelter 🙂

  15. Awesome! Very inspirational!

  16. Dude wish he was a dodger. So refreshing to see a top athlete so humble

  17. Absolutely stunning cinematography, I was in awe the whole time!!

  18. Where is the hula dancer and the ukulele?


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