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A Pumping Swell At The Most Crowded Wave in the World | Amp Sessions: Snapper Rocks

Think Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson miss not being in South Africa right about now? Well, maybe a little, considering J-Bay seems tailor made for both of them and was always one of their strongest events on tour. But while retirement means they’ll forever miss out on favorite events, on the flip-side it also means that they’ll never have to miss another firing swell at home, especially a swell like this one from a few days ago: A rare, off-season purple blob that sent powerful surf straight at the Superbank.

While Fanning and Parko were the obvious standouts on this (fairly crowded-looking) day–taking off deeper behind the rock than anyone else in the edit above–the local crew got their fair share of pumping 10-second tubes. Check the dude in the last clip, starting at 5:22, standing straight and soul arching through two sections of a cartoonish-looking Snapper pit. If that’s not the wave of his life, well, we’d like to see what is.

Click play, be jealous. Then go surf.
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  1. jim surfnfish 808

    I can see why it gets so crowded!
    Yowzzaa look at those liquid freight trains, just one of those barrels and I'd be riding on adrenaline for days! Some awesome raw footage bra!👍🍻

  2. Chikungunya produções

    That drop session looks like shark iland

  3. Don't they have a better angle to shoot this wave from and the formatt is to close. Pan back some.


  5. Surf videographers love to zoom all the way in until just the surfer frames the picture and you see the expression on their faces. You definitely don't get to see the wave and often not even the top of the wave. First minute and a half is all this, and sadly wasted film IMO. Zoom out!

  6. Noyce wives eht snappah rowcks…. oi!

  7. Nice wave ,south swell ?? I wont ask ,lol 😁

  8. Nah some pretty shit surf Yea

  9. Mick at 3.40 love the line in . Not that crowded. Mostly spectators – but not by choice.

  10. Stephen Tranter

    That last wave


  12. Wow …wow ……wow….stand up barrel at the end all the way home to the shoer

  13. props to the boogers, taking off deeper then anyone else

  14. phuck that is awesome🙇🏽🙇🏽🤙🏾

  15. Music is fucking amazing

  16. wilko was there?

  17. Another banger from Billy Lee-Pope

  18. That video sir, is perfect.

  19. music fits this clip perfectly

  20. 🤘so sick yew


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