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Why Single-speed Mountain Bikes are Crazy Fun – Build & Ride

Why Single-speed Mountain Bikes are Crazy Fun - Build & Ride

Today, we take my tired old hardtail mountain bike and turn it into a unique and fun shredding machine! Step one, switch out the 140mm suspension fork for a 150mm, and then take off all the gears. Yep, this video is for all of you single speeders out there. I’ve been to the dark side before, and I ain’t going back. This bike is staying as a single speed for skatepark, street riding, trail shredding, and hiking—’cause this thing can’t climb worth a sh*t!!!

Bike Park at End
Kolo Bike Park in Asheville Adventure Center. Single speeders ride for all day Saturday!

Food Lion Skatepark in Asheville

Use this kit to convert your bike to single speed http://amzn.to/2BROVJg

Buy vomit bags if you plan on climbing

For those of you asking, my gear ratio is 32/16. This is no good for climbing, but I need it for sprinting. With a single speed you need to choose and commit!

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  1. Seth's Bike Hacks

    Is it a dirt jumper? Err not exactly. A DJ would have 26” wheels, slightly different geometry, slotted dropouts, and a shorter, stiffer fork. To me, this is more versatile than a DJ—and with all the great parts!

  2. coming from bmx i chose to go single speed for my jumping mountain bike. never going back

  3. they are more fun because they are more like a bmx. nothing on 2 wheels is as good as a bmx. all the new mt bikes have bmx geometry. they try bmx tricks on the mt bike. nothing looks as good as a bmx. all tricks done in the air or anywhere else look 10 times better on a bmx bike. 100 percent. bmx is superior to mt bikes.

  4. Single speed is for pump track, jump tracks a racing

  5. Đéváņğ Pűńïá

    Sir i also have a single speed hybrid cycle and i love it

  6. Carbon bar == Indestructible

  7. Hey Seth
    Why don’t you do tail whips on big jumps?

  8. This is exactly what I've been wanting to do because BMX bikes just can't handle my style of riding. Which is probably because I'm 6'7 & weigh around 215-225lb.

  9. I have a bmx bike it is good

  10. This just looks like a novelty

  11. Oh hi, I ride single speed.

  12. The Murder Machine can legitimately murder you while going up hill.

  13. get a single speed gear … becouse of €€€

  14. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  15. REALDualDesertEagle

    Basically why I have 2 bikes:

    1 everyday bike with a 1×9 drive train and both brakes installed, which used to be a 270€ ebay bike and the bike that I got into dirt jumping with
    (The old V-brakes were replaced with Magura HS11 hydraulic rim brakes with home made brake boosters, the steel handlebars were replaced with aluminum ones, the heavily worn tyres were replaced with Schalbe Table Top and the cheap ass ceased fork was replaced with a Suntour fork, also a cheap one since that bike won't see any dirt jumps anytime soon)

    And then there's my Kona Cowan Dirt Jumper, which I had bought with the cranks and drive train that now live on the above bike, and then turned into what it is now, with an Octane One SS Pro rear hub with a 10T driver and BMX cranks with a 28T BMX chain ring on them. That bike lost more than 2 kilos of weight due to the modifications.

  16. eu estou a 2 anos usando uma single speed, e estou me sentindo livre e bem — I'm 2 years old using a single speed, and I'm feeling free and well.

  17. Is that your sync'r carbon or the old sync'r pro

  18. is it similar to a dirt jumper now

  19. of its YOUR bike and you doing things YOUR way why the fuck you asking us???

  20. bmx with gears


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